Network of Intellectuals Condemn Impending Attack on Syria

Source:  1804 CaribVoices Weekly
The Network of intellectuals, artists and social activists “In Defense of Humanity”, calls on all honest men and women of this world to condemn the impending attack on Syria. 

nowar on syriaWe appeal especially to those who do not accept a world ruled by the law of the jungle, where the right of non-intervention in the internal affairs of nations is trampled upon, where the mass killing of innocent people has become a television show with pretexts manufactured by the hegemonic media machine without genuine evidence to justify war.

As  early as June of last year a lucid message was circulated by the Network from our Continue reading

MLK highlighted the underlying structural roots of inequality, poverty and racism

Source: 1804 CaribVoices Weekly

Isaac Saney

Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington

mlkk and malcolm xThe 50th anniversary of the March On Washington is a time for serious contemplation on Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. The pervasive and dominant narrative freezes in place King’s politics and philosophy, transfixing his thinking to August 28 1963. The subsequent development of his views on capitalism and imperialism are ignored.

Entwined with this rendering of King’s politics is the construction of a seemingly unbridgeable dichotomy between King and Malcolm X. Each portrayed as the other’s antithesis.

As the 50th anniversary of Malcolm’s assassination also approaches (February 21st, Continue reading

ALBA Social Movements: No more deaths, no more lies; no war against Syria

Statement by the ALBA Social Movements

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Bolivar, Marti, CheAmericas, August 27, 2013 – The undersigning international groups, social movements and organisations from different areas of the world, strongly condemn the imperialist maneuvers of the United States government and its economic interests, who once again are making preparations to invade a country with the excuse of wanting “to promote peace”.

We however know, as we have learned from history, that US invasions only generate more deaths and misery for the people who suffer their attacks as in the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and many other countries that have had to endure US intervention.

The New York Times editorial of August 27, notes that “there is little doubt now that US President Obama is planning some sort of military response” in Syria. The monarchist Continue reading

Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council

Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has declared ‘utter nonsense’ the idea that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own people and called on the US to present its supposed evidence to the UN Security Council.

Putin has further called the Western tactic a ‘provocation.’

Washington has been basing its proposed strategy of an attack on Syria on the premise that President Bashar Assad’s government forces have used chemical agents, while Russia finds the accusations unacceptable and the idea of performing a military strike on the country even more so. Especially as it would constitute a violation of international law, if carried out without the approval of the UN Security Council.

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Actor Matt Damon supports whistle-blower Edward Snowden

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This video is called Matt Damon talks to Sam Asi of BBC Arabic “Alternative Cinema” show.

By David Walsh in the USA:

Actor Matt Damon defends whistle-blower Edward Snowden

30 August 2013

Matt Damon, one of the most popular film actors currently working, told a BBC television host last week that he supported the actions of Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower who has lifted the lid on the criminal activities of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Damon, who has received three Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and five Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, told Husam Asi, host of the BBC Arabic television show “Alternative Cinema” [Cinema Badila], that Snowden had done “a great thing.” The clip was posted on YouTube August 22, and the entire interview aired on “Alternative Cinema” two days later.

Asi asked Damon, “Would you do what Snowden did?”

Damon replied, “I don’t know, I…

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