Cuba aspires to good sense and human intelligence prevailing over irrationality and barbarity… Raul Castro

Speech given by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers at the Rio-20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, June 21, 2012, Year 54 of the Revolution

Mr. President
Your Excellencies

Twenty years ago, on June 12, 1992, in this same conference hall, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz stated, and I quote, “An important biological species is at risk of disappearing due to the rapid and progressive liquidation of its natural living conditions: humanity.” End of quote.

What could have been considered alarmist, today constitutes an irrefutable reality. The inability to transform unsustainable models of production and consumption is threatening the balance Continue reading

Movie About Jamaican National Hero Paul Bogle Touring Cuba

June 27 2012

Catch a Fire, an award winning documentary/drama produced by Barbadian Menelik Shabazz, that tells the story of Jamaican National Hero, Baptist minister Paul Bogle, leader of the Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica in 1865, is among the films now travelling throughout Cuba as part of the 4th Caribbean Cinema Travel Exhibition.  According to the Cuban News Agency, ACN, the exhibition began on May 10 in the province of Santiago de Cuba and will tour the island until July 5, when it will arrive in Havana and shown at the Chaplin movie theater.  (photo:  Menelik Shabazz)

Cuban producer Rigoberto Lopez, president and promoter of the Exhibition, explained to the ACN that the Exhibition was one of the most significant events in the region because it will travel to 31 countries and has overcome the language barrier.  The exhibition, which became a Continue reading

Thanks to the Governments of Cuba and Jamaica, Thanks to Michael Manley

by Verna Owen

June 25, 2012

Dear Ambassador Gala

Many persons in the world are looking for a way to better themselves, their families and to some extent their friends. Many will seek but few will find. And even fewer will find just what they were looking for.

Thanks to the government of Cuba, our sons and daughters are now among the very few who have sought and found exactly what they wanted. They, despite their humble beginnings, will be able to realize their dreams of becoming a medical doctor. And in so doing, to go beyond the title of “Doctor”, to serve the people of our country in the capacity in which they are trained.

Through God’s blessing, we, the parents of the five recipients, are able to witness how far Cuba’s caring arms are spread throughout the world as they have touched our children granting them this prestigious award of a medical scholarship.  Their dreams are now becoming a reality, and we the parents, would like to say a hearty thank you.  And as we say thanks, we are reminded of that wonderful speech by one of our daughters, Dellie-Ann, when she said that just saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough to express how great a reward this is. We, however, hope that you may feel the gratitude we feel through these brief words: Thank you Ambassador Gala and thank you the people of the Free Republic of Cuba.

We realize that you, Ambassador Gala, and your Cuban countrymen, seek to better not just yourselves but the world at large. You have armies of doctors all over the world and only recently played a critical role in helping the Haitians after the devastating earthquake in that country.  We pledge, on behalf of our sons and daughters, that we shall never lose sight of our duty to help the poor, as we have been helped.

To the government of Jamaica, we also say a great ‘thank you’ for continuing this programme and to the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, the late Mr. Michael Manley, who initiated this programme when it was unpopular to do so, we are eternally grateful.

On behalf of the five proud parents of the five special youngsters again I say thank you Mr. Ambassador.

Verna Owen, on behalf of the parents

Photos:  Proud parents, relatives, friends  and awardees with the Ambassador
YESCuba News
June 27 2012
Kingston, Jamaica

Che Speaks: Cuba, In Solidarity With the Oppressed People of the World

June 25 2012

Throughout the world, people gathered in small and large numbers, young and old, on June 14 to commemorate the 84th birth anniversary of the legendary, revolutionary figure Ernesto “Che” Guevara.  Poems, songs, speeches, articles, marches and more were all part of the celebration of his birth. 

In this post we will allow Che to introduce himself to those who know him only or mainly in a general way and through his photos.  After reading this speech, which he made to the United Nations on behalf of the Republic of Cuba on December 11, 1964, you will understand why Che and the leaders of the Cuban revolution must hold a special place in the hearts of those in this era who have struggle for, and are struggling for, a better world for the poor.

Mr. President; Distinguished delegates:

The delegation of Cuba to this Assembly, first of all, is pleased to fulfill the agreeable duty of welcoming the addition of three new nations to the important number of those that discuss the problems of the world here. We therefore greet, in the persons of their presidents and prime ministers, the peoples of Zambia, Malawi and Malta, and express the hope that from the outset these countries will be added to the group of Non-aligned countries that struggle against imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism.

The final hour of colonialism has struck

We also wish to convey our congratulations to the president of this Assembly [Alex Quaison-Sackey of Ghana], whose elevation to so high a post is of special significance since it reflects this new historic stage of resounding triumphs for the peoples of Africa, who up until recently were subject to the colonial system of imperialism. Today, in their immense majority these peoples have become sovereign states through the legitimate exercise of their self-determination. The final hour of colonialism has struck, and millions of inhabitants of Africa, Asia and Latin America rise to meet a new life and demand their unrestricted right to self-determination and to the independent development of their nations.

We wish you, Mr. President, the greatest success in the tasks entrusted to you by the member states.

Speaking clearly and frankly

Cuba comes here to state its position on the most important points of controversy and will Continue reading

Huge Respect for Jamaican Professor in Cuba

by Russell Bell

Let me introduce you to Jamaican Dr. Keith Ellis, Professor Emeritus, at the University of Toronto, author or editor of nineteen books and some one hundred articles published in all the top journals in his field of Spanish American literature and culture. Professor Ellis has received numerous awards including being the first of two Jamaicans to have received an Honorary Degree from the prestigious University of Havana in Cuba.  He is one of the very few foreigners to have been awarded Cuba’s Distinction for National Culture and to be Continue reading

Jamaican Professor Explains Why Cubans Are So Caring and Scientific

In the previous post, we introduced distinguished Jamaican professor Dr. Keith Ellis and noted that he would be explaining here the basis of what he has called the tenderness found in the Cuban people. 

by Keith Ellis

Between August of 1883 and May of the following year, José Martí, then thirty years old, published a series of essays on scientific education.  In them he formulated and anticipated a policy of education for Cuba.  Among the precepts that he announced in them were the following: “To be good is the only way to be happy;” “To be cultured and educated is the only way to be free;” and “It is necessary to start a campaign of tenderness and science and create for it a corps, that does not now exist, of missionary teachers.” 

The idea of placing tenderness within the concept of goodness and learning is one that recurs frequently in José Marti’s thinking, and it is certainly one that found a prominent place in the revolutionary movement: the revolutionary movement of his Cuban Revolutionary Party and the revolutionary movement that had its triumph in 1959. 

Devoting scarce resources to the people’s wellbeing

Even during the armed struggle of this latter movement, one of its key strengths was the Continue reading

Jamaicans in St. Mary Join the Jamaica-Cuba Solidarity Network, NEAT Launched

Photo from left to right: Dr. Andrea Myers, Annotto Bay Hospital, Cuba-trained Jamaican doctor,  Mr. Levan Freeman, Mayor of Port Maria, Mr. Yuri Gala Lopez, Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, Mr. Bobby Pottinger, Custos Rotolorum, St. Mary, and Mr. Barry A Wahrmann

The North Eastern Action Task Force, NEAT, launched

On May 30th,the Jamaica Cuba Solidarity Network embraced its latest member with the launch of NEAT, the North Eastern Action Task Force, in Port Maria, St. Mary.  About 50 residents attended the function which was chaired by long-standing friend of Cuba, Mr. Larry Robertson, and which including the Custos Rotolorum of St. Mary, Mr. Bobby Pottinger, the Mayor of Port Maria, Mr. Levan Freeman, the Consul General of the Cuban Embassy, Mrs. Micaela Ramirez, and the Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, Mr. Yuri Gala Lopez.

Messages of solidarity came from the Mayors of Port Maria, Port Antonio, and St. Ann’s Continue reading

Cuba’s Achievement in Health, Education and Freedom from Mental Slavery Should Be Our Goal…Bobby Wahrmann, President, NEAT

“My fellow Jamaicans, we are forging closer and closer ties to our fraternal brothers and sisters in the Republic of Cuba, with the hope that we will soon be able to reach their level of achievements in education, health, and freedom from mental slavery.”  Inaugural President of NEAT, Bobby Wahrmann

This is a very auspicious occasion as we make yet another connection between the peoples of Cuba and Jamaica.  The Republic of Cuba is our nearest neighbor – the distance between Galina Point (which is only 5 km west of where we are right now in Port Maria) and Camaguey in Cuba is just ninety miles or 144 km. Although we speak different  languages, we are joined in our common desire to uplift our people and free them from mental slavery, as our National Hero, The Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey exhorted us to do.

There should be no doubt in anybody’s mind, that Commandante Fidel Castro has led his people to achieve this dream.  Among other achievements, Cuba has the highest rate of literacy in the world and the best health care system for its people.  Let me give you some other facts.

Early Childhood Education

In Cuba, there are four levels of early education: birth to 1 year of age, 2 to 3 Continue reading

The Friendly and Cooperative Ties Between Cuba and Jamaica Continue To Strengthen… Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica

Below is an abridged copy of Ambassador Gala’s remarks at the launch of NEAT, the latest addition to the Jamaica Cuba Solidarity Network.

It is indeed an honor and pleasure for me and my staff to attend this special function in solidarity with Cuba and where the North Eastern Action Task Force (N.E.A.T.) is being formally launched. From the outset, I would like to commend the Custos, the Mayor of Port Maria and all members of the said Task Force for your strong friendship and solidarity with Cuba.

On January 1st of this year, Cuba celebrated the 53rd anniversary of the triumph of its Continue reading

Five More Jamaicans Get Medical Scholarships from the Cuban Government

  • 600 Jamaicans Have Graduated from Cuba’s Scholarship Programme
  • 200 Now Studying in Cuba

Remarks by H.E. Yuri A. Gala López, Cuban Ambassador at the ceremony for the official presentation of Medical Scholarships.  Embassy of Cuba.  Friday, June 8th, 2012

Photo left to right: Darrieux Gordon, Donya-Gaye Chin, Ambassador Yuri Gala Lopez, Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce, Anthony Hylton, Jamie Lindsay, Dellie-Ann Green and Jason Scott,

On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, I’d like to welcome you all to this ceremony for the official presentation of Medical Scholarships to five Jamaican youngsters who will be soon travelling to Cuba to begin their studies.

These scholarships were offered by the Government of the Republic of Cuba for the Continue reading