MLK highlighted the underlying structural roots of inequality, poverty and racism

Source: 1804 CaribVoices Weekly

Isaac Saney

Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington

mlkk and malcolm xThe 50th anniversary of the March On Washington is a time for serious contemplation on Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. The pervasive and dominant narrative freezes in place King’s politics and philosophy, transfixing his thinking to August 28 1963. The subsequent development of his views on capitalism and imperialism are ignored.

Entwined with this rendering of King’s politics is the construction of a seemingly unbridgeable dichotomy between King and Malcolm X. Each portrayed as the other’s antithesis.

As the 50th anniversary of Malcolm’s assassination also approaches (February 21st, 2015), it bears reflecting on how King moved closer to many of the political positions that Malcolm had adopted and advocated in the final years of his life. Malcolm assumed an uncompromising anti-imperialism, embodied by trenchant criticism of the West.

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