Communal Judges Bring Popular Power to Venezuela Court System


communal justice in venezuelaAt the local level, a movement of communal justice is gradually spreading an alternative to the traditional adversarial court system to settle civil disputes. Venezuela’s independence leader Simon Bolivar first stipulated in the 1819 Constitution that there should be a Peace Judge (juez de la paz) in every parish to perform marriages, register births and deaths. However, during the last ten years, with the addition of “communal” to the title, the revolutionary version has developed as part of the process of institutionalizing popular power. In ten municipalities, several hundred communal judges facilitate resolution of long-standing local disputes. Their approach finds “win-win” solutions to conflicts in which each side learns to settle their own disputes.

Communal judges serve as volunteers, without salary

During two separate meetings with Mylvia Acosta, learned how the 2012 Organic Law on Communal Justice of the Peace works in practice.  During her four years as a communal peace judge in the town of Charallave, municipality of Cristobal Rojas, Acosta has helped to settle more than 100 cases. She insists on sharing credit for resolutions with community members. A local community people’s assembly in Charallave elected her to a four-year renewable term to serve as their communal judge. All residents in the town are eligible to participate in the assembly and valid elections require a 51% quorum of residents. Since all communal judges serve as volunteers, without salary, she only works on two or three cases a month.

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Achievements of the 6th BRICS Summit

brics 6th summitBrazil hosted, on the 14th, 15th, and 16th July 2014, the 6th Summit of Heads of State and of Government of BRICS, held in Fortaleza and Brasília. The Summit adopted the Fortaleza Declaration and Action Plan, the Agreement on the New Development Bank, the Treaty for the Establishment of a BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement and agreements among BRICS Development Banks and Export Credit Insurance Agencies (available here)

At its 6th Summit, the BRICS emphasized social inclusion and sustainable development. The debate was be informed by the theme “Inclusive growth: sustainable solutions”. The Summit inaugurated the second cycle of BRICS. Each member country has hosted one meeting of Leaders.

The Fortaleza Summit showcased BRICS accomplishments and the discussions leading to the realization of its vast potential. Since its first Summit, in 2009, BRICS has consolidated its position as a positive force for the democratization of international relations and for the enhancement of existing institutions of international governance. It has also forged an impressive partnership carrying out cooperation initiatives in more than 30 areas between its members.

Read more here:  Brazil hosted the 6th Summit of Heads of State

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A brother’s 60th

Source: Granma International

fidel y chavez 28 julioSix decades ago, in Barinas, Venezuela, one of Latin America and the Caribbean’s most charismatic and intelligent leaders was born: Hugo Chávez Frías, the boy who sold his grandmother’s sweets on the street, and played baseball passionately, was admired by followers and respected by detractors. He made Venezuela his life, dedicating his body and soul to the homeland. This July 28, he will be celebrated without tears. He is recalled as a hero.

Reggae Message: Viva Venezuela Bolivariana

Comandante Hugo Chavez 
28 July 1954 – 5 March 2013

Lyrics:  In English and Spanish

Viva Venezuela Bolivariana

Viva Venezuela (Bolivariana)
Vivan los Chavistas
Viva Venezuela (Bolivariana)
(Caan win by the ballot so dem waan violence to reign)

 They destroy, vandalize and burn with no shame
They kill the innocent cause it’s a route to CNN fame
Just like in Libya they want to send in their planes
Bombing and looting for the oil and monetary gain

 Venezuela Jamaica feels your pain
Seems like the oppressors are playing tricks again
Venezuela Jamaica feels your pain
Seems like the oppressors are playing tricks again

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Maduro: BRICS – UNASUR Alliance Will Spur Regional Peace and Prosperity

Source: BRICS – UNASUR Alliance

maduro 10Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on Wednesday that the meeting between heads of states of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and of UNASUR nations (Union of South American Nations) will foster an alliance that will ensure peace and prosperity for the region.

“Without a doubt, the meeting between BRICS and UNASUR is historic.  A South American bloc that is on its own path in terms of the economy, culture, politics, jurisdictions, of South American identity … [and] five of the most important emerging nations at the time” is a great alliance, the President said upon arriving in Brasilia.

Correcting the injustices of neoliberalism

He also noted that such an alliance would “correct the injustices of neoliberalism that privileged speculative capitalism in the world, that privileged looting through financial speculation, as in the case of our Argentinean sibling and the vulture funds.”

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Where the Right to Know the Truth is Systematically Violated

By Manuel E. Yepe

truth is a right 2The disinformation resources with which the U.S. proclaims to the world its bonanzas, freedoms, equalities and humanitarian feelings are formidable. They have appointed themselves as judges and custodians of the civil and political rights of citizens of the Third World. Meanwhile, they trample on these rights in their own country and the rest of the planet; especially in those states considered adversaries because they do not docilely accept Washington’s. global domination.

A huge global apparatus manipulates the media that spread the American point of view throughout the planet, hide or minimize U.S. misdeeds and create the conditions for world opinion to accept these.

The systematic manipulation –serving the interests of the oligarchy and the military-industrial complex–of the judiciary, prison-industrial and political systems in the United States contradicts the objectivity they claim to practice. Nevertheless, their representatives expect to be acknowledged as the lawful judges of respect for human rights across the globe.

More than 75 innocent executions in the US since 1976

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Commemoration of the 61st Anniversary of the July 26 Movement in Jamaica

Trevor Brown

July 26 bannerThe Cuban embassy in collaboration with the Jamaican network of solidarity organizations with Cuba, will be commemoration the 61st anniversary of the 26 of July Movement on the grounds of the Cuban Embassy on Friday July 25 commencing at 7pm.

The evenings programme will include a documentary highlighting the importance of this day within the Cuban society, solidarity messages from  organizations across Jamaica, cultural presentations,  with the main address by Ricardo Tur Novo, Minister Counsellor at the Cuban Embassy.

Viente seis de Julio (26 of July) is the most important date in Cuba’s revolutionary calendar and is marked by a period of heightened patriotic and revolutionary fervor in our sister island.

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