45 Cuban Nurses Arrive in Jamaica

Remarks by Yuri Gala CubanAmbassador to Jamaica

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

 It is with great pleasure that I attend this ceremony organised by the Ministry of Health to welcome a new group of Cuban health specialists.

 The Cuban Embassy joins the Ministry in welcoming you, dear nurses, to Jamaica, a beautiful sister nation.

 The arrival of this group of 45 Cuban nurses is another example of the active cooperation that exists between Cuba and Jamaica in the field of health.

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Dominicans Slam U.S. Double Standards

HAVANA, Cuba, April 5 (acn) Leaders of the Dominican Republic’s Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba slammed the U.S. double standards noting that on one hand Washington trumpets a so-called war against terrorism, while on the other, it condemns true fighters of the scourge. Continue reading

Our Duty is to Fight

Remarks by Cuban Ambassador Yuri Gala at the Online book presentation of Fidel’s book, “Our Duty is to Fight”

Good afternoon,

Back in June 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Cuban President Fidel Castro said:

“An important biological species is endangered due to the accelerated and progressive destruction of its natural living conditions: man. We are becoming aware of this problem only now when it is almost too late to tackle it.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBJegWp-wNI Continue reading

Jamaica-Cuba Solidarity is Deeper than the Present Level of Cooperation

The Five Cuban Heroes

By Kevin

Over the years the National Heroes of Jamaica and Cuba have faced similar ideological and social struggles in defense of their people and country and so the solidarity that exists between Jamaica and Cuba goes far beyond our current cooperation in health, education, and agriculture.  Our peoples share a common sense of fervent nationalism, sovereignty, respect of history and ancestors, which together with our struggles to defend morality and social values strengthen the bonds between both nations.

The First Terrorist Airline Attack

Since the heinous attacks on the twin towers in 2001, the United States has made it their global prerogative to wage war against terrorism and those who engage in it with the aim of harming US citizens and their interests. Continue reading

Cubans Prevented the Deaths of Thousands of Haitians…The New York Times

Cuban doctor in Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 2 (acn) An extensive report published on Sunday by The  New York Times recognizes that Cuba’s contribution was essential in the  detection of the first cases and also in the treatment of the cholera  epidemic that began in Haiti in 2010.

The article points out that, at first, only the Cuban Medical Brigade and  Doctors without Borders, both self-financed, “handled the majority of cases.”

“It made no sense. Everybody was in Haiti. It was the biggest density of  humanitarian actors in the world, and the two organizations were dealing  with 80 percent of the cholera,” said Yann Libessart, spokesman for  Doctors without Borders.

The newspaper report adds that the Cuban health professionals dispensed  antibiotics —free of charge— to all cholera patients and preventively to  their relatives, which prevented the death of thousands of Haitians. Continue reading