Our aim is to increase the awareness of Jamaicans about our sister nation, Cuba, which has been the subject of blatant lies, half-truths, terrorism and an inhumane economic blockade by the USA since the triumph of the Fidel Castro led Revolution in January 1959.

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    • We will brother Jose. We will increase our coverage of the Puerto Ricans’ struggle to end 115 years of colonialism and to release all Puerto Rican political prisoners, including Oscar Lopez Rivera.

  1. Thanks for publishing the letter from Fidel to Maradona that we translated, it would be great to add our link,http://cuba-networkdefenseofhumanity.blogspot.com/2014/06/message-from-fidel-to-diego-maradona.html Also I am sending you the link to a letter on Cuba written to John Rockefeller. http://cuba-networkdefenseofhumanity.blogspot.com/2014/06/open-letter-on-cuba-directed-to-john-d.html thanks, greetings from Havana, Cuba

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