Gathering of Social Movements and Political Forces “FOR PEACE, UNITY AND THE INTEGRATION OF OUR AMERICA”


V-Cumbre-Celac.jpgThe social and popular organizations, including trade unions, peasant, youth, student and organizations of solidarity with the peoples in Dominican Republic, call to all organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean to the Meeting of Social Movements and Political Forces “For Peace, Unity and the Integration of our America”

The Meeting of Social Movement and Political Forces will take place prior to the Fifth Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean (CELAC). The purpose of the event is to raise our voices against imperialism, to demand sovereignty and self-determination and to defend peace, unity and the integration of our great country. The event will provide a space to reaffirm the popular mobilization and solidarity with all just causes that we defend.

As a result of the discussions that we will engage in, a statement will be issued and will be delivered to the presidents attending the V Summit of the CELAC, as our contribution to the preservation of the principles of community and as a contribution to peace, unity and the integration of our America.

Articulación Nacional Campesina

Justicia Climática

Comité Solidaridad con Venezuela

Movimiento Caamañista

Confederación Nacional Unidad Sindical-CNUS

Centro de Solidaridad para el Desarrollo de la Mujer, CE MUJER

Frente Estudiantil Flavio Suero-FEFLAS

Movimiento de Mujeres Trabajadoras

Asociación Nacional de Enfermería-ASONAEN

Fuerza de la Revolución- FR

Cloc-Via Campesina

La Multitud

Confederación Nacional Mujeres  del Campo-CONAMUCA

Partido Comunista del Trabajo- PCT

Juventud Caribe

Fundación Francisco Alberto Caamaño

Campaña Dominicana de Solidaridad con Cuba-CDSC.

Unión Trabajadores Cañeros- UTC

Fundación Máximo Gómez

Gathering of Social Movements and Political Forces
For the Integration and Unity of Latin American and the Caribbean

When:  January 23 and 24
Place: Pedro Mir Library, Autonomous University

Contact: Ivan Rodriguez
Phone. 809-962-5026


Monday, January 23

9:00 a.m.  Welcoming and general introduction of the meeting.
10:00 a.m. Panel (3):

  • Topic: The sovereignty of the peoples of our America
  • Topic: Human rights for all men and women
  • Topic: Peace, unity and the integration of Latin American and the Caribbean

12:30 p.m. Lunch
3:00 p.m.  Approval of the Declaration in support of CELAC
8:30 p.m.  Cultural Gala

Tuesday, Janurary 24

9:30 a.m.  Solidarity Event

As the Democrats Press for War, the Left Must Demand Peace and Social Transformation

Source:  Black agenda Report
January 11 2017
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“The Left’s job is to oppose the warmongers, not band with them.”

as the democrats press for war.jpg

The Democrats are whipping up war hysteria and “cynically seeking to harness people’s well-founded fears of Trump’s domestic policies in order to sabotage the possibility of a relaxation of international tensions.” Some folks have taken the bait. “Leftists that think they can exploit the split between the Trump troglodytes (fascists) and the Obama/Clinton/Old Line GOP War Party (fascists) will ultimately wind up caught in a pincer between the two.”


The most imminent threats to human survival

As is ordained by law, at the end of the week much of President Obama’s legacy will become Donald Trump’s powers, including the power to detain Americans indefinitely (forever) without trial or charge, an authority the First Black President secured from Congress in 2011. Obama’s wars become Trump’s wars, which, if Trump follows Obama’s example — and if he succumbs to the furious pressures of leading Democrats, old line Republicans and an openly aggressive and “politicized” national security establishment — will be expanded and multiplied. The most imminent threats to human survival under a Trump presidency flow, not from the billionaire’s own belligerent instincts and unpredictability, but from the momentum of Obama’s policies of ever-escalating confrontation with Russia and China — his deliberate “pivots” towards brinksmanship on all the geopolitical fronts of Empire.

“U.S. policy is to militarily intimidate the world into submission — a gangster’s game.”

It is the Democrats that have whipped up war hysteria and a new McCarthyism, attacking Trump from the Right to force him to keep Obama’s imperial “surge” moving forward. With western economic power fading fast, U.S. policy is to militarily intimidate the world into submission — a gangster’s game. For the Lords of Capital and their national security servants, Obama’s greatest achievement was to put the U.S. back on the offensive after George Bush’s defeat and humiliation in Iraq. From their perspective, Obama has already “Made America Great Again” with his “humanitarian” military intervention doctrine, trampling every principle of international law, including the sovereignty of nations, in Libya and Syria. Trump’s talk of “deal-making” with Russia and China threatens to slow the imperial offensive.

The ruling class realignment that congealed in the Clinton campaign’s Big Tent sees any relaxation of U.S. military pressures against Beijing and Moscow as a prelude to imperial collapse. For them, de-escalation is an existential threat. They don’t give a damn about the damage Donald Trump intends to inflict on what remains of the U.S. social safety net — and neither did Obama, who came into office scheming to forge a Grand Austerity Bargain with the Republicans. And, if his preventive detention bill were not enough, Obama’s support for creation of a “Ministry of Truth” — officially, a joint governmental commission to police the media for “foreign disinformation and manipulation” — screams out to high heaven that protection of civil liberties is not part of their agenda, either. Internet publications like Black Agenda Report, cited by the Washington Post as “fake news” and “minions” of Russia, will be punished for deviance from imperial “exceptionalism” and aggressive war policies.

“Trump’s talk of ‘deal-making’ with Russia and China threatens to slow the imperial offensive.”

This is all about war. The Democrats, massed corporate media and the fully mobilized legions of spooks and disinformation specialists are cynically seeking to harness people’s well-founded fears of Trump’s domestic policies in order to sabotage the possibility of a relaxation of international tensions. Leftists that think they can exploit the split between the Trump troglodytes (fascists) and the Obama/Clinton/Old Line GOP War Party (fascists) will ultimately wind up caught in a pincer between the two.

The ruling class is, indeed, in an acute political crisis, to match its larger, systemic crisis. The duopoly system that has served the rich so well for most of the history of the Republic has come undone, split at the seams, endangering the corporate-imposed national “consensus” on empire and war. The War Party, deploying every disinformation trick in the book, foments anti-Russian hysteria to create a mass base for its imperial agenda. They point fingers at phantom “minions” of Moscow in order to make leftists into political foot soldiers of the Pentagon, Langley and the military industrial complex. moves to their beat, as does the entire Congressional Black Caucus, including Barbara Lee (D-CA), the nation’s most left-leaning congressperson. Fine; they are duty-bound to go down with the Bad Ship Hillary. But the social movement activists that allow themselves to be swept up in the Democrats’ offensive-from-the-Right against Trump are the biggest dupes of all.

“They point fingers at phantom ‘minions’ of Moscow in order to make leftists into political foot soldiers of the Pentagon, Langley and the military industrial complex.”

The Democrats are incapable of agitating for anything more than defense of Barack Obama’s “legacy” — chiefly, his doomed Affordable Care Act, which was already disintegrating from its own contradictions and whose final demise will create an acute crisis that cries out for single payer health insurance, the outcome Obamacare was designed to forestall. The Left should be making that demand right now, rather than helping Democrats join with Republicans to patch together an even worse private-based system, down the road.

The precariat economy that is emerging from Obama’s post-Meltdown restructuring, in which 94 percent of the new “jobs” are so contingent, inadequate and insecure they can hardly be called jobs at all, demands a National Minimum Income – a potentially transformative leap that the Left should be loudly championing, right now.

Five years after Occupy Wall Street, the Left should finally call for the nationalization — not fragmentation — of the big banks, and creation of a public development bank to rebuild the national infrastructure without going into debt to private capital. Anybody that doubts masses of people will join in this demand doesn’t know their fellow Americans and their deep hatred for Wall Street banks.

“The social movement activists that allow themselves to be swept up in the Democrats’ offensive-from-the-Right against Trump are the biggest dupes of all.”

Ferguson set the new Black movement on a course of confrontation with the Mass Black Incarceration State, in all its manifestations. Obama’s legacy — and that of the Black misleadership class that has collaborated with mass Black incarceration for two generations – is to intensify intelligence gathering in Black communities, while dispersing Black population concentrations through gentrification. Trump or no Trump, there is no avoiding the logic of the movement’s central grassroots demand: Black community control of the police. Non-Blacks on the Left must support that demand.

There is no such thing as a genuine Left that supports imperialism, but there are plenty of fakers that do, including phony socialists. How sad — and maddening, at the same time — that a Donald Trump can speak of “cutting down” on “regime change,” while purported leftists rally to Obama’s “humanitarian” military interventionism, the lip-stick on the imperial pig. The Democrats want war so badly, they are fouling their bourgeois institutional nest and bearing down hard from the Right to prevent any let-up in tensions with Russia and China. The Left’s job is to oppose the warmongers, not to band with them.

There is no mystery to what the moment demands. What’s needed is Left movements for social transformation, not a farcical, Democrat-led anti-Trump pseudo-movement, whose real agenda is war.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

Bolivia’s Evo Vows to Fight For World Without ‘Invaders’


Source: TeleSUR

1 January 2017

evo morales 21.jpg

Evo Morales. | Photo: Reuters

un security council logo.jpgBolivian President Evo Morales delivered his first speech as the country assumes the position of a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales said at the Security Council of the United Nations on Sunday that the country will be the voice of the people and will fight for a planet without “invaders” or “invaded” people.

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Morales’s words came as Bolivia became a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the third time — the other spanning 1964-1965 and 1978-1979.

The people’s rights to development

He also took to Twitter to send further messages of Bolivia’s hope, writing that the world must “work together to secure the people’s rights to development, and to fight capitalism which tries to commodify everything.”

Bolivia was incorporated as a non-permanent member on Sunday along with Ethiopia, Italy, Kazakhstan and Sweden.

Cuba demands commitment to a culture of peace in the United Nations

Source: Granma
December 16 2016

by: Prensa Latina(PL) |

Cuba’s delegation to the UN expressed concern about the current international panorama and called for the elimination of the danger of war, in particular of nuclear war, the renunciation of the use or threat of the use of force and the peaceful settlement of disputes, in accordance with the UN  Charter


Ana Silvia Rodríguez.jpgUNITED NATIONS.— Cuba yesterday called for a greater commitment to a culture of peace, based on respect for the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, during a plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Interim chargé d’affaires of the island, Ana Silvia Rodríguez, noted that global peace and its preservation will not be possible without full respect for the sovereignty, self-determination and territorial integrity of all states.

Rodríguez stressed that a fundamental prerequisite is respect for international law.

She explained that there can be no talk of a culture of peace as long as humanity continues to be threatened by nuclear weapons and the deep divisions persist between rich and poor, between developed and developing countries.

“We express our concern regarding this situation and call for the elimination of the danger of war, in particular of nuclear war, the renunciation of the use or threat of the use of force and the peaceful settlement of disputes, in accordance with the UN Charter”, the diplomat emphasized.

Keida’s Reggae message: Peace, unity and love

Source: KING2LA

Progression is a process. It’s every artist’s pursuit. From painter to poet, the end game for every creative is the manifestation of the truest form of themselves. This pursuit is lofty, yet it is the driving force that pushes artists to continue their movement forward.

keida live1.jpgKeida performing live alongside Kranium at the 32nd annual Reggae on the River.

Makeida Beckford, known by her stage name Keida, has blossomed before the reggae world’s eyes. Originally from Bull Bay, Jamaica, Keida burst on the scene with her hit “Jamaica Boy” in 2009. This single instantly gained popularity and remained a favorite with DJs all over the world. She then released singles throughout the next few years, showing her versatility on tracks such as “We are the West Indies,” a song that complimented a campaign to revitalize cricket on the islands. Yet, this song was significant, as it showcased Keida’s crossover potential and proved that, no matter the vibes, Keida adapts and manages to keep her signature sound intact.

Her most recent release, Ebb and Flowis her best and most complete work to date. It’s rare to listen to an album and feel as though you are picking up something “real” from an artist; songs that let the listener in on something personal through struggle, understanding and feeling. These things come across in Keida’s album and still have the world craving the artist’s vibes. Check out “Mad World” below to hear the singjay’s ebb and flow:

We were excited to explore these themes and more with Keida when we sat down with her for a recent interview:

KINGSTONTOLA: Your sound and style are unique in today’s music coming out of the Caribbean. Who are your biggest influences both musically and socially?

KEIDA: As an artist, both vocally and visually, I draw influence from many different aspects of life and people’s experiences, but when it comes to influential artists, I have been largely impacted by artists like Sade Adu, Roberta Flack, Tracy Chapman, Sister Nancy, Bob Marley and … I could go on forever. Socially, I look up to people like Russell Bell (a great mathematician and youth advocate), Emperor Haile Selassie I, and, of course, my parents, Jamaican fine artists Owen Beckford and Michele Gauntlett.

KNG2LA: Your message of peace and unity are central themes to your music. How do you stay grounded in that thought process?

keida 2.jpgKEIDA: Well, I was taught to speak things into being, so I try to use my music to focus on the positive, even by sometimes highlighting the negative, as a means to bring awareness to some of the things we can and need to change. For question two, you need to capitalize on what’s happening globally. With the current global affairs, I’m constantly reminded of the need for a message of peace and unity. World events and, in particular, civil wars, terrorist activity and hate crimes, inspire me to continue spreading this message of love and unity in the face of divisiveness.

KNG2LA: Your songs draw on several influences: roots reggae, calypso and R&B. How does the writing process begin and how are styles chosen?  Does your writing dictate the sound?

KEIDA: Each writing session is a little different. Some songs can be born out of reasoning with self or another person and just having a concept that resonates with me, while other times, the song may be influenced by the feel and sound of the riddim. I usually start off by listening to the riddim and just writing what it makes me feel. The way I deliver the lyrics all depends on the message I’m bringing across.

KNG2LA: Are there any causes that you are currently championing?  Are there any social causes that you would like to get the word out about?

KEIDA: I’m an ambassador for R.E.A.P., an in-school, environmental program encouraging kids to learn about the impact they have on their environment. I would also like to continue to use my voice to champion a message of love and unity, instead of tyranny and terrorism, as I did in my recent song “One Love.”

When we interviewed Keida, the singer was about to embark on her tour stop to the 32nd annual Reggae on the River festival in northern California, our home away from home. Keida blew the crowd away with two special guest performances during the festival. She ignited the crowd as she joined Jesse Royal and his band onstage. The chemistry and vibes between the two talents was obvious as the crowd grooved along to the duo’s collaboration.

keida 3.jpg

Keida and Jesse Royal exchange the mic and a smile while performing together at Reggae on the River.

While the crowd was taken through a journey of hits by dancehall favorite Kranium, Keida joined him for her second performance and showcased her singjay skills, much to the crowd’s delight. Their performance was one of the best dancehall contributions to the festival.

keida 4.jpg

Keida performing alongside Kranium at the 32nd annual Reggae on the River.

Flexibility and progression, two things that define artistry, also define Keida. Impressive is her movement through musical styles and the stage. We look forward to what she blesses her fans with next!

Listen to one of our favorite singles from Keida’s Ebb and Flow EP titled “One Love” here on KingstonToLA:

Maduro: Coup in Brazil, Killing of Bolivia Minister ‘Imperialist Attack’ Against All

Source:  TeleSUR
August 27 2016

President Maduro said the recent events in Bolivia and Brazil are part of a new plan to destabilize progressive governments in the region.

Maduro at rally sept 2016.jpg

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro gestures during a rally in Caracas | Photo: Reuters

Following the murder of the Bolivian vice minister by miners and as the impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff reaches its final stage, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro warned Saturday of “imperialist” attacks on the region’s left and compared the situation to a new Plan Condor.

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“It’s an imperialist attack against all,” said Maduro. “From Venezuela we will fight the coup of the oligarchy.”

Plan Condor was a U.S.-backed military and intelligence operation in the 1970s that saw Washington tacitly support state-sponsored terror to eliminate subversive, left-wing sectors of society and control the perceived threat of communism.

On Saturday, the Venezuelan leader said he will fight for sovereignty alongside the Latin American people and with the support of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, President Evo Morales in Bolivia, President Rafael Correa in Ecuador and President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

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Peace and democracy

Maduro made the comments as he spoke to workers and supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution at a rally outside the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas. He called on Venezuelans to defend peace, the future and democracy against what he termed a planned coup by the opposition in the country.

“Venezuela has lived hours of anguish and pain that we can’t afford to live again,” said Maduro. “In order to maintain and build our freedom and our independence, to not be slaves any more of the Yankee empire”.

On Monday, national television channels will broadcast a documentary in Venezuela on the coup d’etat against former president Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002, called “Keys of a Massacre” from director Angel Palacios.

Challenges Lie Ahead as Colombia Celebrates Historic Peace Deal

Source:  TeleSUR
August 25 2016

challenges lie ahead.jpg

Colombians in Bogota watch the announcement of the end of negotiations and the text of the final peace deal in Havana, Cuba, Aug. 24, 2016. | Photo: EFE

Colombia has still not launched a peace process with the country’s smaller guerilla army, the ELN.

Colombia has made history in Latin America

Colombia has made history in Latin America with the groundbreaking peace deal between the government and left-wing FARC rebels, but while the over half century-long war is finally over, difficult times still lay ahead to fully realize the promise of peace in the South American nation.

IN DEPTH:  Peace in Colombia

Agreements on six key issues

The nearly four-year peace process in Havana, Cuba, between the 52-year-old Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the government of President Juan Manuel Santos achieved a landmark deal including agreements on six key issues: agrarian reform, political participation, disarmament and reincorporation of former combatants, illicit drugs, victims’ rights, and implementation of the end of the war.

Chief negotiators from both sides of the conflict, government delegation head Humberto de la Calle and FARC leader Ivan Marquez, signed and spoke about this historic agreement on Tuesday evening in Havana.

The peace deal is not the end, but only the beginning

De la Calle declared that the war is over, and Marquez stressed that the peace deal is not the end, but only the beginning of an ongoing process of building stable and lasting peace.

And while Colombians are celebrating the unprecedented achievement of ending the longest war in the Americas, many are also pointing to the real challenges that lie ahead.

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One of the issues that has not been part of the negotiations in Havana, but many, including the FARC, have frequently stressed as a key part of building peace is the question of ending hostilities between the government and the country’s smaller left-wing guerilla force, the National Liberation Army, or ELN.

Former ELN commander Carlos Velandia, alias Felipe Torres, applauded the announcement of the deal, heralding it as a “new era” that could give a “peaceful” push to “other conflicts” to follow a similar path.

The international community wants Latin America to be a zone of peace

“The war is coming to an end, because the Colombian nation has demanded it, because they’ve understood the parks of the conflict, because the international community wants Latin America to be a zone of peace,” Torres told Colombia’s El Espectador. “This is an achievement that benefits the country, nobody loses, everybody wins.”

The beginning of talks between the ELN and the government have stalled, though the rebel army has said it is open to beginning a process. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has offered to host the process, playing the role that Cuba played in the negotiations with the FARC since 2012.

The importance of a peace process with the ELN

Chief FARC peace negotiator Marquez also reiterated the importance of a peace process with the ELN while speaking in Havana Wednesday.

“We have that the ELN can find a way to approach (the process) so that the peace that we long for will be completed involving all Colombians,” he said.

Another outstanding question as the FARC and government unveil the historic agreement is what will happen to Simon Trinidad, a senior FARC leader jailed in a “supermax” prison in the United States.

IN DEPTH: Who is Simon Trinidad?

Unjust imprisonment of Simon Trinidad

Trinidad was extradited to the U.S. in 2004 on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering under the watch of former far-right President Alvaro Uribe, who opposes the new peace deal. Leaked cables have show his extradition request was concocted, as the U.S. did not have any pending charges against the high-ranking FARC leader. He is now serving a 60-year sentence in solitary confinement.

USA’s role in perpetuating the war

The FARC has long argued that freedom for Simon Trinidad is a cornerstone in securing peace and reintegrating demobilized rebels into society. Speaking on Wednesday, Marquez singled out the U.S. for its role in perpetuating the war and indicated that Trinidad is still on the movement’s agenda even though negotiations in Havana have ended.

“To the government of the United States, which for so long supported the state war against the guerilla and against social non-conformity, we ask that you continue backing in a transparent way the Colombian efforts to restore peace,” he said. “We await Simon Trinidad.”

Ahead of the much-anticipated announcement of the final deal, FARC negotiator Jesus Santrich wrote on his Twitter account Tuesday, “I recall that the FARC designated Simon Trinidad as the coordinator of the process of laying down of arms.”

The 297-page final agreement makes no mention of Simon Trinidad.

The historic deal is set to be put to a vote on Oct. 2 to ratify the agreement with Colombian society by asking voters whether or not they accept the peace accords with the FARC.