Cuba Proves There Is an Alternative to IMF … Cuban Ambassador to Portugal


JohanaTablada Cuban Ambassador to PortugalWhile European and Latin American countries are suffering from the consequences of IMF loans, Cuba has proven that there is an alternative to the IMF, said Cuban Ambassador to Portugal Johana Tablada.

Interviewed by Portuguese newspaper Avante, the Ambassador recalled that in the 90s the alternative to surrender was the reorganization, without selling the country or giving up the public control of resources and social justice.
Cuba rejected the offers of packages of measures similar to those the IMF later imposed in Latin America, whose consequences are also known today by many Europeans, Tablada stated.

The international movement of solidarity, many Portuguese people, and particularly the Portuguese Communist Party, understood that our people resisted to maintain the right to build an alternative system to the one which the United States and its allies want to impose on us.

She also recalled that Cuba has a broad consensus about maintaining the socialist system and updating its model.  She noted that the economic and social guidelines were widely discussed with the people to ensure that the final document reflected their views.

Tablada also noted that the structural changes taking place today in Cuba do not affect the prevalence of social property or other forms of property; neither do they affect the priority given to the welfare of the people and a path of sustainable development

Source:  Cuba Proves There Is an Alternative to IMF, Diplomat Says

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