Correa: Keep Fighting for Latin American Unity, Learn from our Mistakes


President Rafael Correa called on Latin America today to continue fighting for comprehensive integration, after warning about some mistakes made in the processes that the region is currently undergoing. We need to keep fighting for that integration of a new kind, comprehensive integration, said the president in statements to Radio Republica, today, the seventh anniversary of his assumption of power.

Correa used the case of the Union of South American Nations(UNASUR) as an example of mistake that had been made by the region.

In UNASUR, everything is agreed by consensus and that means everyone has the power of veto. If just one country does not agree, everything stops, said the Ecuadorian president, who was also critical of the fact that the secretary-general occupies the fourth position in the bloc’s hierarchical level.

In this context, he recalled what happened last year, when several European countries prevented Bolivian President Evo Morales from flying over their territories, and UNASUR was not able to call a meeting to protest that affront, because two member nations objected.

He also argued that it was incorrect to believe that geographical proximity is equivalent to historical, cultural, political and approach proximity.

If that were so, we would have to integrate Alaska and Siberia, because they are so close, Correa said ironically, after highlighting the fact that there are countries in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, whose president is Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

In the opinion of the Ecuadorian President, the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of our Americas (ALBA), a bloc composed of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is much more efficient because it is a union of countries with the same political approach.

Correa explained that the commitment of his Government to integration is strong, and “we will be where we are needed the most.”

We want to build the great homeland through comprehensive integration not through  neoliberalism the objective of which is to create markets and consumers,” he said.

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