Senate Report Clears Rousseff of Budget Manipulation

Source:  TeleSUR
June 27 2016

Official reports say Dilma Rousseff is innocent of wrongdoing, but the impeachment process will continue.

Dilma cleared of budget manipulation.jpg

A report prepared by analysts in the Brazilian Senate said Monday there is no evidence that suspended president Dilma Rousseff participated in fiscal wrongdoing, one of the causes that led to the opening of the impeachment process against her.

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The Senate Impeachment Commission has 72 hours to analyze this report, and starting from July 5 they can interview the analysts. The vote to determine whether the impeachment will be confirmed is scheduled to be held on August 9.

teleSUR’s correspondent in Brazil, Ignacio Lemus, said the report indicates that Rousseff did not directly participate in a scheme to manipulate the budget.

No reasons to continue the impeachment process

According to Lemus, the analysts found that no direct actions were taken by Rousseff to delay payments to public banks by the Brazilian National Treasury.

The report states there are no reasons to continue the impeachment process because Rousseff had no direct participation, and according to the constitution the individual accused must bear direct responsibility.

5 thoughts on “Senate Report Clears Rousseff of Budget Manipulation

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    The report states there are no reasons to continue the impeachment process because President Dilma Rousseff had no direct participation, and according to the constitution the individual accused must bear direct responsibility. A major setback for CIA plotters seeking to overthrow Brazil’s leftist government.

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    The report states there are no reasons to continue the impeachment process because President Dilma Rousseff had no direct participation, and according to the constitution the individual accused must bear direct responsibility. A major setback for CIA plotters seeking to overthrow Brazil’s leftist government.

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  5. The recent senate report that was delivered in Brazil has effectively “discovered” what perhaps most Brazilians including the band of thieves led by the interim president Temer and the world already knew, namely, that the constitutionally elected president, Dilma Rousseff, had not broken any laws or done anything that rose to “a high crime or misdemeanor” as it relates to the budget process.

    In other words, the ostensible reason that the band of thieves such as the suspended House speaker Eduardo Cunha and the Senate president Renan Calheiros provided to impeach Dilma Rousseff is according to the senate report even weaker today than it supposedly was at the outset.

    The senate report has made the latter patently clear that Rousseff was not directly responsible for any “budgetary manipulation” as the constitution requires for the impeachment of the president.

    Thus, today, the band of thieves in the Congress has even less of a basis on which to “impeach”the president for alleged “budgetary manipulation” for which, if it were true, all previous Brazilian presidents would have been impeached. Ordinarily, the findings of the senate report should be enough to put an end to “the impeachment proceedings” which is more accurately known by most as a “political coup” against the democratically elected Rousseff and her Workers Party.

    However, the band of thieves (175\594 or 30% of the Congressional members are implicated in the corruption scandal) who are already ratting on each other in the Petrobras corruption scandal are still intent on shamelessly proceeding with a vote on “the impeachment procedure” which is scheduled for August 9th. The latter despite the fact that the senate report clears the president of any wrongdoing and despite the fact that several of the senators who are standing in judgement of the elected president along with Temer are also implicated in the corruption scandal.

    Additionally, the scheduled vote on the “impeachment proceedings” will be taking place within the context of the Temer government being rocked with corruption scandals which have led to the resignation of four of his ministers for their involvement in the corruption scandal.

    Where is the limit to the shamelessness of Temer and his interim government? Where is the limit to the hypocrisy of the band of thieves in the Senate who are overseeing the impeachment of the president who is cleared of the very charge for which she is being impeached according to the recent Senate report?

    Sadly, logics fails the “impeachment” of Rousseff though more importantly it also fails the people of Brazil and democracy in that country on two levels. First of all, there is now even more evidence against several of the Congressional crooks including the interim president Temer than there was earlier. Indeed, some of the crooks like former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha seems willing to bring down other senatorial crooks who took bribes in the Petrobras scandal. In other words, as was said and demanded by huge segments of the Brazilian people and political and social activists from across the region, it is these crooks who are to be impeached for their “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the Brazilian constitution, the state and the people for their corruption. The latter should be an even stronger closed case against the band of thieves particularly in light of the senate’s report referenced earlier.

    Secondly, logics seems to fail, the so-called impeachment process of the president and the Brazilian people because, with the finding of the senate report which clears the president of any wrong doing, it seems reasonable to assume that that those engaged in the coup or the impeachment against Rousseff should at least recognized already that there is no case against her. As such it seems commonsensical that by logical inference the ” impeachment proceedings” should end.

    The foregoing are arguments based solely on rationality, logic and evidence. However, what is taking place in the Brazilian Congress is a power grab of the band of thieves who are intent on bringing to an end the state’s investigation into corruption charges against them.

    Thus, their “impeachment” against Dilma is really a coup against her presidency under which they knew that the probe against them was perhaps a certainty for which too much is at stake for their political careers and their ill-gotten fortunes.

    Consequently, it is pretty clear that once again, those with power and privilege are more concerned with maintaining their power and class privileges and are far less concerned with rationality, logics and evidence. The latter is precisely why even with the already ample evidence which seems to grow against the “constitutionalists” ( read thieves) daily, they are still hell bent on removing the president.

    In this context, a plausible question is what is going to change the political balance of forces decisively against the crooks given that their case against the president is getting weaker almost daily particularly with the finding of the recent senate report? What in other words, has the potential to bring the manufactured “political crisis” in Brazil to an end?

    The potential answers to these queries no doubt will depend on how the political class battles unfold in the present and near future between the band of crooks, the oligarchy and the US empire on the one hand and the working people, their labor movement and the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements primarily within Brazil and the region on the other.

    In other words, the political battles between the servants of the oligarchy and the US empire and the people in Brazil over the increasingly baseless impeachment of Rousseff and more importantly over the protection of democracy and the rights of the majority to a living wage and a sovereign nation will ultimately be decided by the strength of the people’s movements against the crooks and the oligarchy.

    However, the political struggles in Brazil to end the coup against president Rousseff and to protect the sovereign rights of the people will depend not only on the organized and creative resistance of the social and political movements to make life a living hell for the oligarchy and the band of crooks that defend them.

    Importantly, the organized resistance of the mass of people will also have to be sufficiently overwhelming to make it too politically and economically costly to the oligarchy and the band of crooks for them to continue the impeachment and more importantly their determination to pursue their neoliberal agenda.

    In this context, the progressive political movement in Brazil has no choice but to intensify the struggles not only to expose the real agenda of the oligarchy, the US empire and the band of crooks to remove Rousseff as president as a first step, to end the probe into the Petrobras corruption, to impose neoliberal austerity program on the people and to return Brazil more solidly back into the fold of the US empire as a neo-colony.

    A cursory examination of what the interim president Michel Temer and the other thieves have done in about three months will undoubtedly show that they are well on track to achieve the cited though predictable goals of their agenda.

    Thus, the discredited impeachment against Rousseff, the constitutionally elected president, by the band of thieves and the oligarchy they serve was and is the initial pretext to pursue their broader neoliberal agenda to open Brazil up to the domination of foreign capital, to make Brazilians slaves to foreign interests and make Brazil a safe neo-colony for imperialism particularly US imperialism.

    Finally, it is for the foregoing reasons that the US government including its first black president has done or said nothing of worth to condemn or punish the coup leaders, namely, the corrupt band of thieves who they know serve the interests of the US empire. That is precisely why, there is never smoke without fire!

    As such, none of us “in our right minds” i.e. those of us who are politically and mentally sane should expect President Obama, his State Department, any US official or the current candidates for the US presidency to publicly criticize Temer and the other crooks in Brazil or to pressure them to put an end to the impeachment of Rousseff and quickly reinstate her as president. That will not happen unless and until the masses of Brazilians through their organized and relentless struggles against the crooks and the oligarchy turn the tables against the slave drivers in Brazil and the US.

    “When all else fails, the power of the people will prevail.” Samori Marksman, the late Program Director of Pacifia’s WBAI Radio Station in New York City

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