Kenya: U.S., Britain – Who Will Cast the First ‘ICC Stone’ At Kenya?

iccCan an American be guilty of crimes against humanity? Is it possible that some American individual, or group, can be involved in the kind of offences that constitute a serious attack on human dignity, and/or a grave humiliation or degradation of human beings, as part of an ‘organised’ system? Can Americans be involved in torture; rape; political, racial or religious persecution, or other inhumane acts, as part of a widespread or systematic practice, as the International Criminal Court defines as crimes against humanity?

Does ‘Gitmo’ apply; the military prison located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, established in 2002 by the American government to detain extraordinarily dangerous prisoners, interrogate them in an ‘optimal setting’, and to prosecute such prisoners for war crimes.

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Is the ICC practicing judicial colonialism against Africa?

October 24 2013

african unionTHE African Union (AU), an intergovernmental organization involving the majority of countries on the continent, held an extraordinary meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss their relations with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Of the 54 African nations, 34 are represented in the ICC. However, many of them have criticized the court for its unilateral actions against Africa.

The ICC – currently composed of 120 members – emerged from the need for a permanent international body to bring to justice countries which had committed crimes in intra- and cross-border conflicts. The Rome Statute, in effect since 2002, constitutes the legal basis for the creation of the Court and its related entities. However, given that the ICC lacks an implementation mechanism, it is supported by national legal agencies for the purpose of ensuring detentions.

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