Canadian NGO Awards Cuban Doctors against Ebola

Source:  Prensa Latina
July 4 2016

Canadian non-governmental organization Help to Fight Ebola (HFEC) delivered an award called Friends of Humanity in Africa to the government of Cuba and the Cuban doctors who helped to fight the Ebola virus.

raul bids farewell tomedical brigade heading for sierra leone.jpgThe distinction was received in a special ceremony, by the Cuban General Consul in Toronto, Canada, Javier Domokos Ruiz, on behalf of the Cuban authorities and the doctors and nurses who took part in the struggle against the Ebola virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry.

javier domokos ruiz cuba.JPGIn his words Domokos reminded the important Cuban contribution in moments in which panic and individualism prevailed, in the middle of one of the most recent and hardest sanitary crises the world has ever faced.

‘The Cuban doctors were already in the affected areas when the epidemic came in, as part of the long page of solidarity of the island with the brothers and sisters from African nations and that it has seen more than 70 thousand public health professionals in African soil’, underlined the diplomat.

fidel y Marti 2.jpgHe noted as well as, that is was thanks to the humanist and universal vision of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, that the country set at the disposal of many nations, the prestige and the high medical quality of its physicians, through the united work of the international brigade Henry Reeve.

In the ceremony there were present out-standing personalities of the political, scientific and business life of Canada.

The main speech at the event was given by Ndaba Mandela, grandson of the legendary

ndaba mandela2

Ndaba Mandela

fighter South African anti-apartheid Nelson Mandela.

Answering to calls of help expressed by Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the Organization of United Nations (UNO) and the World Health Organization in October 2014, Cuba sent 256 members of the Henry Revee contingent, to face the virus of the Ébola in Guinea Conakry, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In these three nations of West Africa, the Cuban medical personnel, in addition to being employed at the remedy of the dangerous virus, contributed also to the sanitary prevention, something that there recognized the authorities of the affected nations and of international.

Liberia, Guinea: Thank You Cuba!

Havana, Cuba
Oct 23 2014

The governments of Liberia and Guinea expressed their gratefulness to Cuba for its medical assistance to those western African nations amidst a health crisis caused by the Ebola virus.

liberia's foreign minister Augustine Kpehe NgafuanLiberian foreign minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan said they expect that Cuban health professionals not only assist in the fight against Ebola, but also in the improvement of the local health sector, particularly the training and deployment of personnel in other areas considered as critical to the health system, PL news agency reported.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s deputy health minister Matthew Flomo said that the Cuban medical brigade, made up of epidemiologists, intensive care specialists, medical doctors, surgeons, pediatricians, nurses and anesthesiologists, among others, could soon working at centers to treat Ebola patients.

Lounceny Fall y bruno rodriguez

In Guinea

In Guinea, the Cuban doctors were welcomed by Foreign minister Lounceny Fall, Health minister Remy Lamah, and International Cooperation Moustapha Koutoubou, who thanked Havana for its collaboration against the epidemic.

fidel y sekou toure 3Minister Koutoubou said that relations between Guinea and Cuba date back to the days when that country achieved its independence and he ratified his nation’s commitment to keep strengthening cooperation relations with Havana.(Photo: Fidel and Sekou Toure)

With the two medical brigades in Liberia and Guinea, Cuba now have 256 health professionals in western Africa fighting the Ebola epidemic.
Source:  Cuban News Agency

More Cuban doctors and nurses leave for Africa

raul bids farewell to cuban doctors leaving for west africa oct 24 2014The runway of José Martí International airport was once again witness to the most touching scenes as Cuba’s President bid farewell to our heroes, who will be arriving in West Africa tomorrow to participate in the global fight against Ebola.

83 collaborators departed for affected countries, 49 to Liberia and 34 to Guinea Conakry

On this occasion 83 collaborators departed for affected countries, 49 to Liberia and 34 to Guinea Conakry. Raúl embraced each member of the brigade as they boarded the plane – an embrace from 11 million Cubans, a whole island.

With their flags in hand, they promised to give everything, tirelessly heal and continuously treat, and return to the homeland safe and healthy. They also sent greetings to Fidel; asked Raúl to trust them and not to worry, that they are prepared for what lies ahead.

Proud families, friends and country bid them best wishes 

Thus, the IL-96 aircraft departed with a first class troop: 35 doctors and 48 nurses, all with more than 15 years professional experience and who have completed previous international missions, 42 % on more than two occasions.

In attendance at the moving farewell were José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers; Miguel Díaz-Canel Ber­mú­dez, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers; Minister Bruno Ro­dríguez Parrilla; and Roberto Morales Ojeda, minister of Public Health.

These two brigades take the total of Cuban health professionals who have joined the fight against Ebola to 256. With each one travels the message of a nation immensely proud to have sons such as them, who last night bid farewell to their families, friends, and country, to stop the frightening epidemic which is threatening the world. To all our heroes, best wishes from this beloved island.

Source:   An embrace from Cuba  Granma International

Raul Castro: We need to move ahead promptly to avoid a humanitarian crisis of unpredictable consequences

alba tcp ebola summit in cuba oct 20 2014Cuban president Remarks in ALBA Summit on Ebola

Oct 20 2014

Cuba's President Raul Castro addresses the audience during the closing ceremony of Cuban communist congress in HavanaCuban President Raul Castro addressed the Heads of State and Government of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America -Trade Treaty of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP) and its observers that gathered in Havana in a Special Summit on Ebola.

Esteemed heads of State and Government, and chiefs of delegations; His Excellency Mr. David Nabarro, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General; Her Excellency Mrs. Clarisse Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization; His Excellency Mr. Didacus Jules, Director General of the Organization   of East Caribbean States

We welcome you to our country on the occasion of this Special ALBA Summit on Ebola convened on the initiative of President Maduro.

cuba hosts summit on ebola 2Ladies and Gentlemen, comrades;

A dreadful epidemic is advancing today on our fraternal peoples of Africa, and threatening us all. A high number of cases have been diagnosed with Ebola and many people have perished from the disease in several countries, including two outside the African continent.

A huge challenge to humanity

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