Teamwork Gave us this Award

Source:  Sierra Maestra
December 16 2018

fatima patterson 1“This is a success of the team: actors, lighting technicians, costumes, set designers … in short, we all contribute to the harvest,” said actress Fátima Patterson, winner of the National Theater Award, in Santiago de Cuba in ‘2017 and director of the Macubá group, a group that has just won with the work “Caballas”, the Grand Prize of the stage design contest Rubén Vigó.

With just enough time to celebrate the Day of the Culture Worker in her hometown, Patterson arrived here from the Capital, after receiving on behalf of her group, the “Rubén Vigón” during a ceremony that took place in the Havana room Rubén Martínez Villena, of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac).

Biannual National Design Contest

Biannually, the Uneac calls this National Design Contest, to reward the best of the country in the categories of theater: lighting, costumes, set design … and also distinguish, in an integral way, the work whose design shows exceptional values ​​in the order of plastic or dramaturgy.

“Caballas” won the award for the integral design of the staging, after the jury, as usual, toured the country, attended festivals and theatrical presentations, and at the end of the period, awarded prizes by specialty as well as a Grand Prize.

fatima patterson 2

The work that made the distinction possible for “Teatral Macubá” is a montage inspired by the series Las Caballas, by the famous sculptor and painter Alberto Lescay Merencio, and also helped the group to celebrate last year, the first quarter of the century.

In her headquarters of the Sala Teatro Macubá, in Santo Tomás street next to the Tivolí, in this city (Santiago de Cuba), and on the occasion of the premiere in 2017 of the staging now awarded with the “Vigón”, Fátima Patterson had expressed, that they recreate the magical subjects which were complicated and required a lot of effort because she had to delve into the poetic message of the figures, and reach conclusions after interpreting Lescay Merencio’s intention.

After releasing “Caballas”, Rubén Vigón award, and celebrating the first quarter of the century of “Macubá”, Patterson announced that they are already preparing a new installment: “La Casa”, a work that will be previewed this week and one that also addresses the work of women in contemporary times.