Cuban specialists to train in the assembly of electric cars

Source:  Cuban News Agency
June 23 2016

Cuban specialists will begin training in the assembly of electric cars over the next few years, said Industry Minister Salvador Pardo during a business round in Havana.

salvador pardo cruz cubaindustria 2016.jpg

The minister said that the initiative is in tune with the social and economic guidelines adopted by the Cuban Communist Party and is particularly linked to the need to use renewable energy sources and change the country´s energy matrix.

cuba to assemble electric carsThis does not mean that we will have electric cars in just few years, since these will be the first steps and will take time and resources to identify future investment projects, said the minister who attended the Second International Convention of the Cuban Industry.

China´s minister of Industries and Information Technology Miao Wei said that the first course on the manufacture of electric cars will be held in Cuba soon. He said that such vehicles can operate in a 50-kilometer area and recharge through a network of generators scattered around the city.

In 2015, China allocated six billion dollars to this industry, which reports significant energy saving.