Ecuador Will Treat Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients with Cuba’s Heberprot-P

Recently, the Ecuadorian Health Ministry and the Cuban Heber Biotech Company agreed in Quito on the sale of some 9 000 doses of a new Cuban medication called Heberprot-P. The agreement was signed by Jorge Rodriguez, Cuba´s Ambassador to that South American nation, and Jose Maria Borja, Under Secretary of the local Foreign Ministry for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The first 500 Ecuadoran diabetic patients with foot ulcers are scheduled to be treated with this new Cuban medication, the only one of its type in the world capable of curing the ailment that otherwise could imply amputation.

Prensa Latina News Agency reported that the Cuban medical product is now being applied in Ecuador after the conclusion of the trial stage which was carried out with doses donated by Cuba.

90 percent effectiveness

During the signing ceremony, Jorge Mayo, representative of Biotech characterized the Continue reading