Put our hearts to the issues that concern the people

Source: Granma
May 10 2019

Author: Granma | internet@granma.cu

miguel diaz canel may 2019

Photo: Estudios Revolución

President Miguel Díaz-Canel called for waging war on bureaucracy, against delays in administrative decisions at all levels, and any manifestation of insensitivity to problems that affect the population unnecessarily, during the final meeting concluding the Council of Ministers’ visit to the eastern province of Granma.

Of the 33 actions agreed upon during his first visit in June of 2018, 17 had been completed and work on 16 is moving forward; while solutions to several others are not advancing at the pace projected, including public works in Yara, the restoration of heritage homes in Manzanillo, and corrective work on this coastal city’s aqueduct.

“We cannot advance if we are slow in making decisions. What must be decided centrally, let it be centralized, but quickly. If the answer is no, report this right away, and if it is yes, even faster,” the President stated.He insisted on the importance of further strengthening state enterprises with new productive linkages and the application of scientific knowledge generated in the region.On the issue of housing subsidies, Díaz-Canel called for putting some heart to the subject, granting it the priority it deserves, given its impact on the population, especially the most humble, with the most urgent needs, to whom the Revolution is committed, noting that the program “has not gone well in any part of the country.”

The President said that cadres and managers must include in their work plans regular visits to those awarded subsidies, to expedite solutions and check that resources allocated by the state are used as established.