Slavery in Libya: Thanks NATO


It’s been seven years since the U.S. gathered a coalition of the NATO willing to overthrow the government of Libya to bring freedom and democracy to the people there.

So let’s check in on how things are going in the North African nation. The horrors of a modern-day slave trade – some immigrants and refugees in Libya are being traded and sold as slaves.  Ooh that does not look good.  So how did slavery end up becoming a thing in Libya, a country that prior to 2011 had the highest literacy rate and standard of living in North Africa?

Well back in 2011, the US, UK and France saw in the Arab Spring protests an opportunity to get rid of a regime they didn’t like under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

Muammar Gaddafi was a brutal and authoritarian leader they said, but that’s not why the West didn’t like him. Authoritarianism and dictatorship has never bothered the U.S. as long as the dictator plays by America’s rules and Muammar Gaddafi didn’t always play ball.

He was a thorn in the side of Western imperialism and capitalism, directing Libya’s vast oil revenues to education literacy, electricity infrastructure.  That’s why Libyans had the highest literacy rates and standard of living in Africa and Gaddafi also supported movements that the US didn’t like.

So in 2011, Obama got his NATO partners together and imposed no-fly zone on Libya to save the people from their mean authoritarian government which we were told was violently cracking down on protesters.  But the West had a weird way of liberating Libyans.  They flooded Libya with weapons that ended up in the hands of extremists some of whom were affiliated with al Qaeda.  We heard how that keeps happening and they launched a seven-month NATO bombing operation that destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure and propelled the rebels to victory.

NATO essentially collapsed the state, got rid of its leader and handed the country over to competing extremist factions.  So it’s no surprise that Libya has since descended into lawless chaos that provided ISIS with a base in North Africa and resurrected slavery.  After Gaddafi was sodomized with a bayonet by western-backed rebels, some laughed, we came, we saw he died; others celebrated; this is a momentous day in the history of Libya and the pundits promised things in Libya would get better.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that men and women in Libya will live much better lives without Gaddafi.

That did not age well.

Those who supported intervention said it had to happen to prevent a massacre by Gaddafi but a year long …  the UK Parliament found that the NATO intervention was based on an array of lies.  That the threat of civilians was extremely overstated and that the rebels included significant Islamic elements.  Oh and the rebels on top of being super extremist were also super racist.  They actively cleanse tens of thousands of black people from the majority Libyan town of Tewar with NATO air cover.  So again, no surprise that the rebels who took over Libya ended up buying and selling African migrants as slaves thanks NATO, you gave Libya the freedom to sell slaves.

But it can’t be all bad right?  How about women? How are women in Libya doing these days? There are also claims that women have been bought in Libya and forced to be sex slaves.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Women under the age of 60 in an area of eastern Libya under the control of a CIA Ilinked warlord are banned from traveling on their own without a male guardian. The only other places in the world where laws like that exist are Saudi Arabia and parts of Syria under the control of Salafi jihadist groups. Thanks NATO.

On the bright side, at least there’s no blowback right? Well not exactly.  Remember 22 year-old Salman Abadie, the guy who blew himself up last year in Manchester at an ariana grande concert.  Well turns out he learned how to make that bomb while fighting alongside jihadists to overthrow the regimes in Libya and Syria.  You see, Salman  Abadie’s dad is a Libyan exile living in Manchester which has a huge community of anti-Gaddafi exiles who joined the fight to topple him in 2011 in fact British intelligence encouraged them to join by facilitating a rat line of anti-Gaddafi exiles to Libya to spike Gaddafi’s forces. Unfortunately the blowback won’t end with a body. American wars of regime change in Iraq Libya and Syria have actively facilitated the growth of Salafi jihadist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda for use against Western adversaries, a policy like this will always come back to bite you in the ass.  You think the West would have learned its lesson after arming the Mujahideen against the Soviets in the 1980s which evolved into al-Qaeda and eventually did 9/11.  But no, so here’s an idea, stop overthrowing regimes you don’t like and stop arming jihadist proxies to do your dirty work.  Who’s with me, our goal should be regime change in Iran.  Oh great here we go again [Applause]

USA: The Great, Bloody Black Dispersal from the Cities

Source:  Black Agenda Report

March  1 2018

“The grand plan is to reverse the demography of the Seventies by forcing Blacks out of the central cities and into suburbs and small towns, rendering Black people incapable of ever again launching a national movement headquartered in the urban centers.”

support our schools.jpgThe Great, Bloody Black Dispersal from the Cities

The urban saga of the 1950s, 60s and early 70s was white flight from the cities, fueled by massive public and private investment in the invention of suburbia. In the 21st century, the racial dynamic has been purposely reversed, as the window closes on Black majority cities—and on dreams of concentrated, Black urban political power.

The rapidly unfolding dispersal of Blacks from the cities, like the white invasion of the surrounding hinterlands in the previous era, is the result of deliberate state policies, dictated by finance capital. But, this time, the demographic makeover has been effectuated and politically finessed with the active collaboration of a Black misleadership class that, paradoxically, owes its existence to the concentration of Black populations during the Sixties and Seventies.

The de-Blackening of urban America is a wrenchingly painful and bloody amputation-in-progress. In a frenzy of demolition, the U.S. has lost a quarter million units of public housing since the mid-1990s, only a small fraction of which has been replaced with new public housing, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Black mayors and heavily Black city councils have, typically, bought into the notion that concentrations of poor Black people are, by definition, vectors of pathology, while concentrations of affluent whites are the indispensable ingredients of urban “renaissance.” It is the logic of apartheid, cloaked in phony economics.

“The de-Blackening of urban America is a wrenchingly painful and bloody amputation-in-progress.”

Gentrification and renaissance-making—euphemisms for Black-removal—are violent processes. Whole neighborhoods are condemned for “rehabilitation” from “blight”—another euphemism, since the targeted infestation is human. The real estate industry covets the land, but demands that it first be cleansed of undesirable inhabitants. This requires the ruthless application of police force, creating a hostile environment, especially for young Black males, whose mothers begin to seek an exit to the South or a nearby, Blackening suburb. It is no coincidence that police forces in “renaissance”-minded cities across the nation introduced draconian “stop-and-frisk,” “designated drug zone” and “anti-gang” policies in the Nineties, as gentrification went into high gear. They methodically created an unbearably hostile environment for unwanted families.

Gentrification requires the destabilization of the existing populations in targeted neighborhoods. Politicians that respond to the imperatives of capital—and that means virtually all big-city Democrats, of all races—acquiesce to or champion policies that destabilize the lives of their poor Black constituents, all the while claiming it is for their own good. The most powerful local government tool, other than the police, is the public school system. Gentrifying mayors across the country have sought and won control of local schools and used that power to make city life untenable for the “excess” Black populations of their cities.

“The school closings added new layers of instability to the lives of families on Chicago’s heavily Black south and west sides.”

No mayor has been more intent on driving Blacks from his city than Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s former chief of staff and close political ally. Building on the mayhem inflicted on Black Chicago by his predecessors, Emanuel caused the closing 50 schools. The result was catastrophic, as students were forced to transit unfamiliar gang turf to attend schools that were often no better than the shuttered ones in the own neighborhoods. Many kids died. “What people don’t understand is that if you are 16 years old and get on a bus, when you get off that bus you are gang-affiliated whether you are gang-affiliated or not,” said activist Jitu Brown .

Just as the closing of Chicago’s public housing disrupted gang turf and drug markets, setting off a huge increase in street killings, the school closings added new layers of instability to the lives of families on Chicago’s heavily Black south and west sides, the besieged neighborhoods where closings were concentrated. It was the last straw for some parents. As the Chicago Reporter wrote, in an article last December: “Some academics blame city officials for making it harder for poor African-Americans, in particular, to live in Chicago. They closed neighborhood schools and mental health clinics ; failed to rebuild public housing, dispersing thousands of poor black families across the region, and inadequately responded to gun violence, unemployment and foreclosures in black communities.”

“Building on the mayhem inflicted on Black Chicago by his predecessors, Emanuel caused the closing 50 schools.”

“It’s a menu of disinvestment,” says Elizabeth Todd-Breland, who teaches African-American history at the University of Illinois Chicago. “The message that public policy sends to black families in the city is that we’re not going to take care of you and if you just keep going away, that’s OK.”

The message is intentional—and effective. “Chicago’s public schools have lost more than 52,000 students in the past 10 years,” according to a report titled “The Bleeding of Chicago ,” by CityLab. “That’s because school closures sometimes prompt parents to leave the city altogether.” (Thanks to Richard Prince’s Journal-isms for bringing this information to a larger audience.)

In less than two decades, Chicago lost 250,000 Black residents, one quarter of its total Black population. That’s more than the Black populations of New Orleans and Atlanta , and equal to the Black population of Manhattan, New York City. And, it’s happening all over the country, because Black removal from the cities is the national policy of both corporate parties.

The grand plan is to dilute the Black presence, to reverse the demography of the Seventies by forcing Blacks out of the central cities and into suburbs and small towns, leaving the cities to affluent whites and rendering Black people incapable of ever again launching a national movement headquartered in the urban centers.

“Chicago lost 250,000 Black residents, one quarter of its total Black population.”

Black politics is in an existential crisis. This state of affairs has come about, not because Black people failed to vote or to exercise political agency, but because they followed the lead of a grasping and self-centered Black misleadership class that is hopelessly entangled with the Democratic Party and its Wall Street and Silicon Valley funders—the same forces that seek to neutralize the Black political presence in the U.S. Barack Obama gave the game away in his address to the Democratic National Convention, in 2004: “There is no Black America…there is only the United States of America.” But most Black people failed to understand his meaning.

However, the folks that formed the Black Is Back Coalition, in 2009, had heard Obama, loud and clear. There is little time left to preserve Black majorities in Baltimore, Birmingham, Detroit, Cleveland, Savannah and Newark (it’s has already been lost in Washington, DC, and will soon slip away in Atlanta), or to maintain strong pluralities in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Norfolk.

Black people can only maintain a powerful and secure presence in the cities through a vibrant, independent, self-determinationist politics. Otherwise, Black dispersal will proceed along its bloody, maddening course, and at a quickening pace.

That’s why the Black is Back Coalition is holding an Electoral School, April 7 to 9 , in St. Louis, Missouri (which lost its slim Black majority in this century). The Coalition is guided by a 19-point National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination, a document that addresses virtually every issue confronting Black people. Below are four points that are particularly relevant to the push-out of Blacks from the cities:

Black Community Control of the Police. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all domestic military occupation forces from Black communities. This democratic demand assumes the ability of Black people to mobilize for our own security and to redefine the role of the police so that it no longer functions as an agency imposed on us from the outside.

Roll Back and End Mass Black Incarceration. The U.S. mass Black incarceration regime is designed to contain, terrorize and criminalize an entire people, with the result that one out of eight prison inmates on the planet is a Black person in the U.S. As a minimal demand, every U.S. incarcerating authority must take immediate steps to roll back the national prison and jail population to 1972 levels, resulting in the release of 4 out of 5 current inmates in a process overseen by representatives of the imprisoned peoples’ communities––primarily people of color. As a maximum demand, all Africans must be immediately released from U.S. prisons and jails and our community given the democratic right to determine their fate.

Halt Gentrification through the empowerment, stabilization and restoration of traditional Black neighborhoods. Black people have the right to develop, plan and preserve our own communities. No project shall be considered “development” that does not serve the interests of the impacted population, nor should any people-displacing or otherwise disruptive project be allowed to proceed without the permission of that population. Peoples that have been displaced from our communities by public or private development schemes have the Right to Return to our communities, from New Orleans to Harlem.

Right to Free Education through post-graduate level. Public schools must meet the highest standards of excellence, under the supervision of educational boards directly elected by the communities they serve. We oppose both for-profit schooling and philosophies of teaching that put profit over human development, and we support democratic educational values and strategies that empower students and their communities to determine their own destinies. In the immediate term, Black people in the U.S. need education that facilitates our liberation from white supremacy and corporate hegemony.

Make arrangements to attend the Black Is Back Coalition Electoral School. It’s a lot later than you think.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

Deceptive Intelligence: CNN breaks story on Slave Trade in Libya; French Government voices concern for African Migrants

Source:  Ghana Today
November 25 2017

Gerald A. Perreira


libya slave trade

World turns blind eye to Libya slave trade – Reuters

The world we find ourselves in is complex and full of contradictions. It is easy to fall for rudimentary textbook propaganda based on simplistic dichotomies, such as ‘the good guys versus the bad guys’. If we are not aware of the complexities and nuances facing us, we can fall for this type of propaganda, whose sole aim is to keep us apart and destroy any type of unity that could strengthen our ability to defeat the enemy.

Hypocrisy and insincerity

When examining and assessing the latest information fed us by one of imperialism’s mouthpieces, CNN, there are important things for us, as revolutionary Pan-Africanists, to keep in mind. The first thing to note is the clear hypocrisy and insincerity which is nowhere more stark than CNN’s recent expose of “Libyan crimes against humanity” and French President, Emmanuel Macron’s call for a special meeting of the UN Security Council to demand immediate action against this heinous “Libyan” crime.

I know this much for sure, as an African revolutionary I do not look to the devil for the truth. I know that the devil does not lie some of the time; he lies and deceives all of the time. In whatever form the devil manifests himself, I do not deal with him. He can come in the guise of the imperialists and White Supremacists themselves, or their mouthpieces such as CNN, BBC, Fox News or any of the mainstream corporate media outlets. We should never forget their role as cheerleaders and purveyors of the fake news that laid the groundwork for the invasion and destruction of the Libyan Jamahiriya. Therefore, let us ask ourselves the burning question, why are they providing us with this information, and why now? Why are the imperialists suddenly feigning concern for the plight of Africans?

A counter -revolution

In my first article on the invasion of Libya, published March 2nd, 2011, titled, Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective, I said that “the conflict in Libya is not a revolution, but a counter-revolution. The struggle is fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa, and reactionary, racist Libyan Arab forces who reject Qaddafi’s vision of Libya as part of a united Africa.”

Events have proved this analysis correct. Muammar Qaddafi and the Revolutionary Committees Movement of the Al Fateh Revolution had a monumental task on their hands: to conscientize and reposition the Libyan people for a significant role in the revolutionary Pan-African project for a United States of Africa. This is a battle for all African revolutionaries. In Sub-Saharan African countries, where almost the entire population comprises Black Africans, we face the same battle. Here in the Caribbean, it is no different. So, when Qaddafi urged his people to look towards a United States of Africa and a revolutionary Pan-African perspective, he had to face Libyans who rejected this program in favor of Libya and the entire North African region joining the Barcelona Project, a Mediterranean-European alliance, whose aim is to take North Africa out of Africa.

The hidden agenda

Prejudice against dark-skinned Africans exists all over planet earth. Even in countries where the population is almost 100% Black African, we have to contend with ‘shadism’, a hangover from colonialism and plantation culture, where Africans with lighter skin shades are held in higher esteem than Africans with darker skin shades. However, to say that “Arab Libyans” are selling “Africans” is overly simplistic and deliberately misleading. There is a hidden agenda here – beware. The objective is to ignite hostilities between so-called Arab-Africans and so-called Sub-Saharan-Africans. There is a debate amongst Africans about who is an African. On the one hand, there are those who limit the definition of African to Black Africans in the Sub-Saharan region of the continent. On the other hand, there are those of us who believe that Africa is one, and we will resist any attempt by the imperialists to redefine and further balkanize Africa. Rather than becoming part of the European Community, North Africans promoting the Barcelona Project would be better off seeking out their African roots. This is what Muammar Qaddafi told all Libyans.

Those who today call themselves “Arabs” have a historical, ancestral and moral duty to recognize their Africanity. Those “Arabs” who live in countries on the African continent and those who live in the region outside of the continent, need to explore and reexamine their history. The region they inhabit, erroneously named “Middle-East” and “Levant” by the European colonizers cannot be divorced from Africa. I agree with Islamic theologian and historian, Dr. Wesley Muhammad, that the area known as “Middle-East” or “Levant” is more aptly named ‘Afrabia’.

Anyone interested in more information on this and the Aryanization of Christianity and Islam, should refer to the brilliant works of Dr. Wesley Muhammad, especially his book ‘Black Arabia and the African Origins of Islam’.

The North Atlantic Tribes Organization (NATO) deeply fear this type of awakening and the unity of purpose and action it could lead to in this oil rich and wealthiest region of the world.

Muammar Qaddafi’s persistent struggle

Minister Farrakhan said many years ago, reflecting on periods of unity in our history, “we did it before and we can do it again”. Muammar Qaddafi persistent struggle to forge a United States of Africa was starting to pay off. He was on the verge of creating an African currency that would have shifted the global economic imbalance, preparing the way for Africa to take its rightful place in the world. Laurent Gbagbo, former president of Ivory Coast, was openly supporting Qaddafi with this radical move. Gbagbo believed that those who were serious should declare a United States of Africa and the others could follow. Fear of this emerging African unity, especially between countries in the north and south of the continent, prompted France to orchestrate Gbagbo’s removal from power at the same time as the NATO led invasion of Libya. Genuine African unity, resulting in anything more than talk, will always be opposed, no matter what the cost, by the forces of White Supremacy.

As we now know, even those Libyans who opposed Qaddafi’s drive for a United States of Africa, did not support the overthrow of the Jamahiriya. It is a well-substantiated fact that the rag-tag and opportunistic conglomerate of reactionaries, including monarchists, Arab supremacists and al-Qaeda linked Islamists, such as those from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, constituted an insignificant minority. The Libyan Revolutionary Armed Forces could have easily contained these retrograde forces, if NATO had not bombed them into power. Without the backing of France, the US, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and their satellites, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, the so-called Libyan rebels amounted to nothing when confronted with the overwhelming support of the majority of Libyans for Muammar Qaddafi and the Al Fateh Revolution. This revolution brought dignity, stability, prosperity and liberation from foreign domination to all Libyans, from the fairest to the darkest in complexion. One thing you knew as soon as you stepped off the plane at Tripoli Airport was that the Libyans – all Libyans – were in control of their country! It was people power, seemingly chaotic and misunderstood by outsiders, but a truly participatory democracy to those who lived it and experienced it. The majority of Libyans were aware of this and supported Al Fateh.

Demons unleashed in Libya

Knowing who the so-called rebels truly are, it came as no surprise to me, that in addition to the long list of crimes against humanity attributed to these scoundrels, they would auction Black Africans as slave labor.

Following the heroic battle of Sirte, back in December 2011, in an article titled, Demons Unleashed in Libya: NATO’s Islamists Continue Program of Ethnic and Ideological Cleansing”, I wrote about the horror that was taking place. A horror that was instigated by the Anglo-Franco-American Imperialists, under the watchful eye of the UN – all of whom are now shedding crocodile tears over the sale of African migrants in Libya. In that article, I wrote about the “complete whiteout by the corporate media regarding all news from Libya”. I stated that, “Even the United Nations, an architect of the nation’s destruction, says 7,000 prisoners are held without trial or charge, most of them Black, many of them tortured. Any known Qaddafi loyalists who have not been able to get out of Libya have to stay underground. Death squads scour the land. Truckloads of bodies are being carted away, as the now feuding armed gangs, each with their own command structure, and none adhering to anything the Western installed NTC says, introduces the only policy they ever had – exterminate Qaddafi and all those loyal to him.”

These are NATO’s thugs.
I went on to note that, “In addition to loyalty to the Leader, and defense of their country against foreign invaders, having black skin and asserting one’s Africanity has become a crime in the new Libya. Ethnic cleansing is continuing unabated. Every day Black Africans from Libya and other parts of Africa are hunted down. Thousands have been brutally tortured and executed. Rape of Black women is a favored weapon of NATO’s Islamists. Many of the female bodies found show signs of rape, beatings and torture. Large numbers of Black Africans make up the ranks of the Green Resistance.”

I quoted one Tripoli resident as saying:
“Everyone is terrified of the NTC and their armed gangs. We have seen with our own eyes what they are capable of – they are animals. All around us people are being rounded up and imprisoned. We have no way of knowing how many have been murdered. Anyone who is associated with Qaddafi or suspected of loyalty to him is at risk. Even people who have worked for people who are known supporters of the leader have been rounded up and tortured. I personally know of many persons who were just working for people associated with the leader who have been taken away and never seen again. If you are black you are an immediate suspect – these rebels call black Libyans “abd” means slave and they are rounding them up just because they are black – it is making me sick and ashamed.”

“…What these rebels have done to their own people is disgusting – some of the acts of torture I can’t even speak about. There has been a lot of rape. I wept when I learned of what these animals did to the leader’s female bodyguards – they are not human and that is why there is so much fear. Any known Qaddafi loyalists who have not been able to get out of Libya have to stay underground. Libyans are afraid to talk to other Libyans – anyone could be an informer. It feels like the last days are upon us – Libya has been turned into a living hell.”

The imperialist media, including CNN was completely silent regarding all of these crimes against humanity, despite the fact that genocide in the form of an ethnic and ideological cleansing pogrom was unfolding right before our eyes. There was no outcry from the UN or the North Atlantic Tribes. No time or motive for outcry – having shared the spoils, these callous warlords had already moved on to their next victim – Syria.

So why now?
Could it be that the Green Resistance is gaining ground? Could it be that although they killed Qaddafi and buried him in an unmarked grave (they know why), his dangerous (for them) ideas are better known now than before? Could it be that Muammar Qaddafi’s vision for a United States of Africa could once again re-surface?

Prior to the overthrow of the Jamahiriya, thousands of Africans travelled to Libya to work, and they prospered. Employment opportunities existed across a range of occupations, including teachers, librarians, nurses, hotel workers, chefs, mechanics, electricians, construction workers and unskilled laborers. They were able to send money home to their families. African businesses and companies also traded extensively in Libya. There was zero tolerance in the Jamahiriya for the mistreatment of Libyan or migrant workers or anyone for that matter. I know of many foreigners who received favorable judgements in employment disputes.

The destruction of this most prosperous and just African country was led by France, who now dares to call for a special meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the crimes committed against African migrants “by Libyans”. This is devil-speak. The same devil who, in the words of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan, “unleashed the demons” that are now committing these and other heinous crimes, is trying to sow more discord by talking about “Libyan crimes”. Where was CNN and the French government when these same gangs of demons were committing the atrocities described above?

Deceptive intelligence

We have known since the first day of NATO’s invasion that this was perhaps one of the most racist and atrocious crimes of the 21st century. The question that we must ask ourselves is why CNN, the French government and others who led the charge in 2011, are all of a sudden concerned about the plight of Africans in Libya. Minister Farrakhan calls it “deceptive intelligence”, and warns us that, “every time the serpent raises its head it should be de-capitated”.

Let us resist this crude attempt to divide and ruin us yet again. Let us not be distracted and misled by imperialist propaganda. Let us make sure that our enemies do not set our agenda, causing us to react to their devious attempts to pit us against each other. Let us set our own agenda for our second liberation. Crimes against Black Africans and Qaddafi loyalists, of every complexion, began in Libya in 2011, and continue to this day, unabated. Thousands languish in detention centers, Libyans of every complexion and migrants from all over Africa. Those carrying out these crimes on the ground are the foot soldiers and thugs of the criminal masterminds of the hell that is now Libya. Arrest warrants should be issued immediately for Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Emir Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani to name but a few.

I end with a message to “All our Brothers and Sisters in Africa and the Diaspora” from long time Revolutionary Committee Movement member, Dr. Salem Zubeidy:

“This letter is addressed to our brothers, officials, and residents of the sub-Saharan African countries, who are characterized by dark features….

There have been many reactions and statements by African leaders, politicians, organizations and institutions following an investigation published by CNN that there are markets for the selling of Africans of dark skin in Libya …

No one stopped to question the validity of this report, and where is the market? When did this happen? Where do the (alleged) slaves go?

Then, no one asked how the channel got to the supposed market, and how was it able to video the “auction”? What is the purpose of the American channel to broadcast such a program that distorts an entire people, and accuses them of committing a heinous crime that is not accepted by a reasonable mind and not approved by any logic?

We can find explanations and justifications for a US channel harboring suspicious purposes in fueling separation and instigating seditions.

As an answer to the voices and forces that see in this an opportunity to falsify the facts, and play down the Libyan people’s accomplishments, side by side with their African brothers and sisters in the golden times of the al-Fateh Revolution, it behooves us to clarify some points:

  1. Libya, which you know has been hijacked since the Fall of 2011, and its capabilities are being controlled by criminal gangs that had been enabled by means of the Western war machine of NATO, after destroying the foundations of the state.
  2. Libya was the Bureau of the liberation movements, which trained, armed and equipped thousands of young people in the southern regions of Africa, Rhodesia, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola, and enabled them to return with their full military gear, with Libyan advisers, to fight the battles of liberation.
  3. Libya offered total support to the struggle of Cabral in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde and dispatched Libyan officers as volunteers to fight alongside him, some of whom are still living witnesses amongst us.
  4. Libya presented absolute support for revolutionary and progressive regimes in African countries seeking liberation from imperialism and neo-colonialism in the Congo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Chad, and others.
  5. Libya alone has resisted the Barcelona process, which had as an objective the separation of the light-skinned in the north of the continent linking them with the Mediterranean in the so-called “Mediterranean Organization” and established the CEN-SAD in response to the Barcelona process, to prove the unity of the continent.
  6. Libya fought the battle for the unification of the continent and the affirmation of its freedom, identity, and dignity through pressing for the establishment of the African Union.
  7. Libya embraced African political opposition movements, supporting their programs and bringing many of their leaders to power.
  8. Libya represented the ongoing battle for peace, development, and construction. It convened dozens of meetings, organized dozens of mediation affairs and reconciliations. It also invested huge sums in important projects in most countries of the continent …

We can go on in more detail, but we just want to tell you and the world that your Libyan brothers and sisters cannot accept to disassociate themselves from their continent, no matter how the enemies of Africa try.”

A full statement from Libyan People’s National Movement (LPNM) can be found at:

Gerald A. Perreira is chairperson of the Guyanese organizations Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG) and Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP), International Secretary for ARM (African Revolutionary Movement) and executive member of the Caribbean Chapter of the Network for Defense of Humanity. He lived in Libya for many years, served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Al Fatah Revolution, and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Libya. He can be reached at

US must end all military involvement in Africa

October 11 2017

The US military must end its growing involvement in Africa and allow the nations of that continent to solve their own problems, otherwise the American people will pay dearly for these misguided actions, an African American journalist in Detroit says.

usa in Africa 2.jpgUS military outposts, port facilities, and other areas of access in Africa 2002-2015.  Source:  The US Military’s Best Kept Secret

“We cannot accept the explanation of the US government at its face value. The US should end these military missions in Africa, the drone stations, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stations; all military involvement in the African continent should end,” said Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at the Pan-African News Wire.

“Africa must solve its own problems, through its own regional and continental organizations and mass organizations. Otherwise the Unites States and the people inside the United States will pay dearly for these misguided and of course unfortunate military actions,” Azikiwe said in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

PressTV-New US Army unit coming after Niger fiasco

The United States Army’s top officer says it is likely to “increase” its train, advise and assist (TAA) missions after the death of four soldiers in Niger by developing a new unit, he describes as “similar to special forces,” but “not special Forces.”

The US Army’s top officer said Monday it is likely to “increase” its train, advise and assist (TAA) missions after the death of four soldiers in Niger by developing a new unit.

General Mark Milley made the comments at the Association of the army’s annual meeting in Washington, not long after four special operations commandos were ambushed to death by militants in the Western African country of Niger.

The army’s chief of staff did not mention who was responsible for the attack although he asserted that the US military does know the group.

Two other Green Berets were injured on the October 4 ambush near the Nigerien capital Niamey by militants said to be linked with the Daesh Takfiri group in Iraq and Syria.

This represents yet another escalation by the US military in Africa,” Azikiwe said. “They are claiming that they are there just on a training mission.”

“Even though the US claims to be against these extremist organizations, they have worked with these groups in various geo-political regions including Libya, including Iraq, as well as Syria and Yemen,” he added.

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) was established in 2008 under former US President George W. Bush and strengthened and enhanced the following year during the presidency of Barack Obama.

The force has been operating in at least 35 countries across the African continent.

U.S. blockade and terrorism denounced

Source:  Granma
September 7 2017

By  Nuria Barbosa León |

days of action against the blockade.jpgPHOTO: International Committee

The Third Days of Action Against the Blockade will take place in Washington D.C., September 11-16, with activities centered on denouncing damage caused to the island’s healthcare system by the hostile policy, with the participation of U.S. students pursuing medical degrees on the island and renowned Cuban doctors.

With the aim of increasing pressure on the U.S. government to lift the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba, activists and solidarity organizations are taking part in an a series of events entitled: “Tenemos Memoria. Solidaridad Vs el Bloqueo” (“We remember. Solidarity vs. The Blockade”).
Activities began on September 4, at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), with a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of the murder of young Italian Fabio Di Celmo at Havana’s Copacabana; a victim of terrorism.

fernando 50.jpgTribute was also paid to Fabio’s father, Giustino, who has fought tirelessly against terrorism. In this regard, decorated Hero of the Republic of Cuba and ICAP President Fernando González Llort  (photo) stated that “We are obligated to remind the U.S. government of the historic debt they owe the Cuban people.”

Meanwhile, a marathon organized by the International Cuba Solidarity Committee, to denounce the U.S. blockade, will take place on September 9.

run against the blockade 2The 57th anniversary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) will also be commemorated, with the race set to start outside the north balcony of the Museum of the Revolution – where the island’s largest mass organization was founded by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz on September 28, 1960 – while runners will finish at the José Martí anti-imperialist Tribunal by Havana’s waterfront Malecón.

Similar activities will also be held in cities across the country – from Cabo de San Antonio in the far west of the island to Maisí in the east – where CDR members, youths, children, sports fans and the population in general will take to the streets, avenues, and mountainous trails as they participate in various races and walks, in a clear demonstration of support for the Revolution and condemnation of U.S. imperialism.

Meanwhile, the Third Days Against the Blockade will take place in Washington D.C., from September 11-16, where activities will be centered on denouncing the damage caused the island’s healthcare sector by the cruel policy; with the participation of young students from the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) and renowned Cuban doctors.

Dare to Dream

The event will take place across various universities in the U.S. capital and Maryland, and include activities such as the screening of a documentary about ELAM, entitled “Dare to Dream,” by director Jennifer Wager. Fifty letters will also be sent to U.S. Senators and government representatives requesting meetings to discuss issues linked to the blockade.
Participants will likewise attend community events to denounce the National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States toward Cuba, signed by President Donald Trump, in Miami, Florida, last June 16, which reverses some of the advances made in the process toward the normalization of relations between the two countries.

United Nations General Assembly

They will also show their support for a bill submitted to the U.S. Senate by Democrat Ron Wyden, and co-sponsored by several other members of his party, including: Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Durbin, Tom Udall, Patty Murray and Jeff Merkley, all supporters of normalizing trade relations with Cuba.
Over these days, global support for the struggle against the economic blockade takes on a special significant as the Cuban government prepares to once again present the resolution entitled: “The need to put an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America on Cuba,” before the United Nations General Assembly, in New York.

On presenting the document last year, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez noted that former President Barack Obama and other senior U.S. government officials described the blockade as obsolete, unsuccessful in advancing U.S. interests, a senseless, impractical, failed policy, which only acts as a burned to U.S. citizens, causes damage to Cuba, and isolates the United States.
In the most recent UN vote in 2016, the resolution received the support of 191 countries, with the exception of the United States and its traditional ally Israel, who both abstained for the first time.

Fines levied in excess of 2.8 billion dollars

Despite such overwhelming support and the official reestablishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in July 2015, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has, since that time, levied fines in excess of 2.8 billion dollars against 11 entities; seven U.S. and four foreign.
One of these was U.S. insurance company American International Group (AIG) which was forced to pay 148,698 dollars last June for apparently incurring 29 blockade violations by providing insurance coverage for various goods shipments to and from Cuba.

Economic losses amounting to over 753,688,000,000 dollars

Meanwhile, Rodríguez Parrilla, speaking before the UN, stated that the U.S. blockade, has been in effect since February 1962, has caused the island economic losses amounting to over 753,688,000,000 dollars, considering the depreciation of the dollar against the value of gold in the international market. At current prices the damage caused Cuba by the blockade stands at more than 125,000,000,000 dollars. Likewise, from April 2015 through March 2016, losses to the Cuban economy as a result of the blockade totaled more than 4.6 billion dollars according to rigorous and conservative calculations based on current prices. The Cuban Foreign Minister also noted that “The blockade is the main obstacle to our country’s economic and social development.”

The strange list of “political prisoners” in Cuba

Source:  JSC & Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity
May 6 2016

by José Manzaneda

false stamp.pngAs part of the US government’s new approach to regime change in Cuba, President Obama visited Cuba on March 20 2016 and on March 21, held a joint press conference with President Raul Castro.

After the presentations by the two heads of state, the floor was opened to questions from the large number of international and Cuban journalists. Obama immediately recognized the source of the first query: Jim Acosta, the Senior White House Correspondent for CNN.  As programmed, Acosta directed a question to Raul: “why [do] you have Cuban political prisoners? And why don’t you release them?”

Raul promptly silenced him by calling for the specific names of these so-called “political prisoners”. “Give me the list of political prisoners and I will release them immediately. Just mention a list. What political prisoners? Give me a name or names. After this meeting is over, you can give me a list of political prisoners. And if we have those political prisoners, they will be released before tonight ends.”

A strange set of 93 “political prisoners”

Now, the international press has mentioned 93 “political prisoners” based on a list presented by the well-known “dissident”, Elizabeth Sanchez.  Oddly enough, however, but as expected by those who know the truth, these 93 make a strange set of “political prisoners”.

What does a close look at this list reveal?  First, 11 of the 93 listed are not even in prison as they were released in 2010 through an agreement between Cuba, Spain and the Catholic Church and they were then granted an “extra penal license”.  They live calmly in their homes and 10 of the 11 have travelled abroad to participate in events against the Cuban government and to lobby in favor of sanctions against the Island – strange “political prisoners”, indeed.

“Common” crimes

What about the remaining 82 who are actually in prison?  Seven were tried exclusively for “common” crimes such as theft, illegal sales or refusing to pay fines. Strange “political crimes” undoubtedly.  Five were sentenced for espionage and revealing state secrets. In no country would they be considered “political prisoners”.  And here are some of the crimes for 61 of the remaining 70 on the list: acts of violence of different degrees some with many deaths on their backs; theft of ships or planes; rebellion and armed infiltration from the US; sabotage, military riot, attacks, threats, possession of fire arms, public disorders and damages

This is not exactly the activity of “peaceful opposers condemned for their rebellious activities” as we read in quite a few press media.

Only 9 have been accused of “contempt of court”, and are mostly awaiting sentencing of which there is no reliable information to make any conclusion.

The list is an absolute farce

In other words, the list presented by the large media as proof that President Raúl Castro lied last March 21 when he denied there were no political prisoners in Cuba is an absolute farce.

Now let us review some basic concepts such as “political prisoner” and “conscientious objector”. There is no unique and clear definition so I will only use the definition of Amnesty International.

A “conscientious objector” is – according to this organization – a person who for political reasons has not resorted to violence or advocated its use”. That is why Amnesty International does not consider that there is any “conscientious objector” in Cuba.

Political prisoners

This organization, however, recognizes as “political prisoners” or “prisoners for political reasons” all those “whose cause contains a significant political element”, and have used violence. If we use this definition both in the United States as in Spain there are more than 500 political prisoners of different ideologies, even of opposition groups.  In contrast, Cuba would have less than 60.

The mass media, however, transmits very different messages: they deny the existence of “political prisoners” in Spain or the US but assure unblinkingly that they exist in Cuba, linking them to “conscientious objectors” arrested only for their political opinions or actions .

Raul Castro calls for end of blockade to normalize relations with the US

Source:  Granma
March 21 2016

The blockade is the most important obstacle for the economic development and well-being of the Cuban people, therefore its elimination will be essential to normalize relations with the US, Cuban president Raul Castro said today.

raul y obama in cubaIn statements to the press, after holding talks with his US counterpart Barack Obama, Raul noted this unfair policy, imposed on the island over 50 years ago, is still in force, it has dissuasive components and intimidating effects with extraterritorial reach.

He acknowledged that the Obama administration has asked the US Congress several times to lift the blockade, while describing as ¨positive but not sufficient¨ the latest measures adopted by the White House to try to modify aspects of this economic war.

He added that its lifting will also be beneficial for the Cubans living abroad that wish the best for their families and their country, and for that reason he made a call for bigger steps for its complete elimination

Illegally occupied in Guantanamo

The Cuban president said that during the talks with Obama they discussed the devolution of the illegally occupied in Guantanamo, another hurdle for the full normalization of relations.

He added that within 15 months after the announcement of the decision to restore diplomatic relations ¨we have had important results¨

Besides mentioning specific agreements, like the restoration of the direct mail, he announced that today Cuba and the US will sign one on agriculture, and that currently they are negotiating a group of bilateral instruments to cooperate on the fight against drug trafficking, on safety and commerce

Joint work against Zika

Regarding health, Raul said they agreed on deepen the ties on the joint work against Zika, and chronic non-transmissible diseases, including cancer.

He told Obama that Cuba keeps its commitment to continue moving on the road to the normalization of relations ¨for the sake of our countries and peoples¨

He insisted on keeping a dialogue despite political and ideological differences, and that the decision to change everything that needs to be changed is a sovereign issue of the Cuban nation.

Coexistence in spite of the differences

Both countries should cooperate and coexist in spite of the differences in terms of peace, safety, political stability, development and equity in our continent

¨We have traveled a long road, that´s why is important to have started taking steps to establish a ¨relation of a new kind¨ he concluded