My other source of inspiration … author David Cupples

stir it upDavid Cupples, author of the outstanding novel Stir it Up: The CIA Targets Jamaica, Bob Marley and the Progressive Manley Government, responds to the question.

What inspired you to write this excellent novel?

This is the second part of his response.  Part one can be found here:Bob Marley, Michael Manley and the Reach of the Bully … David Cupples

Part Two:

The other source of inspiration for Stir It Up comes from my interest and background in psychology. The main character, the protagonist Scott, as we meet him, is a troubled lad. A white American kid of 20 in Santa Barbara, California who is terribly resentful, even hateful, toward his father, who has disappeared from Scott’s life. Continue reading

National Day of Reggae to be celebrated in Brazil in honor of Bob Marley

bob marley 20One year ago, on May 14, 2012, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, signed a law  that established the National Day of Reggae, to be celebrated annually on May 11 in that country in honor of the late Bob Marley.

According to the law, the date will serve to honor “the musical rhythm spread worldwide by Robert Nesta Marley.”  Senator Rodrigo Rollemberg – then a congressman – authored the bill.

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‘Her name is Sabine’ Kicks off French Film Festival in Santiago de Cuba

Sandrine Bonnaire

The renowned French actress Sandrine Bonnaire held discussions for the first time with the people of Santiago during the premiere of her movie ¨Her name is Sabine, which opened the French film exhibition in this city.

Camille Barnaud, cultural attaché of the French Embassy in Cuba, and Jean Reina, director of the French Alliance in the city, accompanied the star of ¨Sin techo ni ley¨ in the presentation of the award winning film.
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