Colombia: Another Social Leader Killed in Nariño

Source: TeleSur
September 6 2020

 Relatives cry over a coffin of body of Sebastian Quintero, another victim in Samaniego, Colombia), August 17, 2020.

by Arnold August

Thus far this year, 205 social leaders have been killed in this Latin American country.

Indigenous organizations Saturday denounced the murder of Juan Pablo Prado, a social leader who was killed in the Municipality of Tumaco, Nariño Department.

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According to Colombia’s  Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), the social leader was killed near the school where he worked on September 6 by unidentified men who shot him at least three times. 

Francisco Cortez Guanga, governor of the Piguambí Palangana council said Prado had previously received death threats, and that he had been persecuted. 

“He was killed near the school, in the place where he arrived to park his car. He received death threats before, and in recent days he was a victim of persecution,” Piguambi Palangana Council’s governor Francisco Cortez

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“He supported the indigenous guard, he also supported various scenarios within the indigenous reservation. He was attentive to the mobilizations, he was a man who was fully involved in the dreams of the education of the AWA people and their reservation,” Cortez added.

Juan Pablo was originally from the Kokonuco Cauca community but arrived in the Awa Indigenous community various years ago to become a teacher. He first started out as a guide and a counselor for kids in the region. 

So far this year, 14 members of this Indigenous Community have been murdered and 205 social leaders have been killed in Colombia. 

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