One in three patients treated by Cubans in Italy discharged

Source;  Cuban News Agency

April 6 2020

One out of three patients cared for by the Cuban medical brigade in Lombardy, Italy, has already been discharged, Granma newspaper reported.

The note states that after 10 days of work, a third of the 36 COVID-19 patients treated by the Cuban collaborators have already recovered and been discharged.
Carlos Perez, head of the group, said that only on the first day of work they received 16 cases from the hospital in the city of Crema – very close to where it is located the campaign facility in which they offer their services–, and until last Saturday, the joint effort of Italian and Cuban doctors had provided 428 services in the different medical specialties.

Of those infected by the new coronavirus, Perez spoke about the transfer of five people to hospital therapies, according to the country’s protocols, and reported the death of only one citizen.

He highlighted “the high degree of morale and willingness” in carrying out the dangerous assistance mission, offered details of the organization of shift work, and conveyed tranquility to the Cuban people, emphasizing the rigorous biosecurity measures they adopt to take care of themselves, in order to “return everyone well home”.

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