Cuban medical brigade travels to Grenada & Suriname to tackle COVID-19

Source:  Cuban News Agency

March 20 2020

Cuba’s Central Unit of Medical Collaboration reports that their medical professionals working around the world remain free of Covid-19. Photo: Nuria Barbosa

Cuban medical brigade travels to Suriname to tackle COVID-19

A brigade from the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics, staffed by 51 professionals, traveled today to Suriname to combat COVID-19, an infectious disease affecting almost all countries in the world and causing more than 11,000 deaths.

During the departure official ceremony, Dr. Francisco Sanchez, specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine and head of the brigade, read the oath emphasizing they will work to comply with the measures and protocols established for the control and strict epidemiological surveillance of COVID-19.

They will also offer Cuban experiences in the organization and execution of the plan to face the new coronavirus and stop the epidemic.

This brigade will work in a hospital in the Caribbean country where they will share experiences with national specialists in midst of the strategy to prevent and contain the global pandemic.

Cuban nurses from the health brigade Henry Reeve travel to Grenada to tackle COVID-19

The Cuban brigade, composed of five nursing professionals, specialists in intensive care, of the Henry Reeve Contingent, which will depart for Granada to fight the new coronavirus COVID-19, was bid farewell this Friday in Havana.

Marcia Cobas, deputy head of the Health Ministry (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym); Ana Teresita Gonzalez, first deputy minister of the Cuban ministry of foreign trade and foreign investment and Jorge Juan Delgado Bustillo, director of the medical collaboration unit, among others, attended the farewell ceremony.

On behalf of the group, Lic. Laritza Verdecia ratified the commitment with the country and with the public health ministry.

We are leaving with the firm conviction that everything we do to stop the epidemic will ratify what Commander in Chief Fidel Castro reiterated many times, that a better world is possible, and we will demonstrate once again the altruism, humanism and solidarity of Cuban medicine.

For her part, Marcia Cobas emphasized that more than 60 percent of the Cuban collaborators are women and highlighted the praiseworthy example of the Cuban women, who offer solidarity to countries that request it in any circumstance.

You have a crucial mission: to take care of yourselves, to comply with prevention measures and to work intensely together with the rest of the Cuban brigade to achieve the results expected by the people of Grenada and Cuba, she concluded.


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