France: Yellow Vests Protest Reaching a Showdown With Macron

Source:  Popular Resistance
March 23 2019

By Richard Greeman, Popular Resistance


resistance.jpgThe situation in France may be reaching a showdown between the Macron government, which is now considering using the Army against the Yellow Vests, and the social movement, to whose demands the regime continues to turn a deaf ear.

In the last week, we have seen a nation-wide strike of High School and other students demanding immediate government intervention to stop the global warming that threatens their future lives. The government response: police brutality against teenagers.

On Saturday, there was a massive March for the Climate all over France, perhaps 150,000 demonstrators, which converged with the “19th Act” of the weekly Yellow Vest demonstrations, which have just celebrated their fourth monthly anniversary. Again, much police brutality, but only against the Yellow Vests, not the Climate people.

On Tuesday (Mar 19th) the CGT and a coalition of other unions sponsored a one-day nation-wide interprofessional strike, which the Yellow vests supported and joined in the name of “convergence” and common goals: restore public services, retirement, social security, salaries, and a demand to be listened to.

Radio silence from Paris.

Simultaneously, the Macron government has hastily passed several new repressive laws making demonstrations all but illegal. Macron has fired the Police Prefect for being too soft on demonstrators (!) and for not using enough of the Flashballs that have already killed an old woman on her balcony and seriously injured (blinded) over a hundred demonstrators, thousands of whom have been arrested. These weapons, made in Switzerland and labeled as weapons of war there, have been proclaimed ‘medium crowd control defense weapons’ by France, despite the protests of Michelle Bachelet and the European and UN Human Rights groups.

yellow vests protest

1 thought on “France: Yellow Vests Protest Reaching a Showdown With Macron

  1. Well again as elsewhere it seems reasonable to ask what’s new in France as it relates to the history of class struggles?

    Evidently, the Yellow Vest protestors who are ordinary workers, unemployed or
    underemployed people who are in sone cases French citizens or residents of France are waging successful political battles against the French ruling classes who are represented by French President Macron.

    The Yellow Vests or YV are fighting for jobs, retirement benefits, for the millionaire and billionaire classes in France to pay their share of taxes, for higher incomes and the right to be listened to by what is supposedly their government. In short, the Yellow Vests are fighter for a bigger share of the economic pie (also called GDP) that is produced by the working people of France and a more democratic France that responds to and is sensitive to their interests and concerns not solely those of the capitalists who disproportionately and parasitically steal the surpluses created by the working people.

    Indeed, the justness of their cause and their demands for genuine liberty, equality and fraternity for working people which were the original themes of the bourgeois revolution in France is spreading like wild fire 🔥 among the French people including high school students and labor unions. The latter is literally driving fear in the hearts and minds of the increasing nervous Macron government and all the institutions of state power in that country.

    Thus, in France the ruling capitalist classes and the Macron government are at one in their political commitment to brutally crush school children, workers, the unemployed, the marginalized, blacs or whites, Asians, gays or straights, anyone and everyone who joins with the Yellow Vests to demand a bigger share of the national economy for the working people and the marginalized and the democratization of France.

    Consequently, as the Yellow Vests demands for a bigger share of the economy’s income and wealth and more democracy continue to resonate among larger swaths of the French population, the brutality and savagery of the bourgeois state particularly the police and the army will increase and intensify against not only the Yellow Vests but all their allies.

    The increasing brutality of the French police and increasingly it appears the French army at the behest of the Macron government against the social forces that are clamoring for equality, fraternity and fraternity among working people in France is a clear indication of the limits of capitalist democracy which promises these things to working people though it crushes them when they struggle to materialize those bourgeois promises. The bourgeois savages in France who as elsewhere claim to be civilized don’t even spare old ladies looking out on their balconies with their deadly flashballs which have already killed one old lady and blinded at least 100 protestors while Macron smiles with the pretense that he is a liberal.

    One thing is for sure is that wherever on the planet working and poor people challenge the rich and powerful for bigger slices of the economic pie and true democracy, their response is the same,namely, they throw the savage power of the state at them to kill, torture, arrest and beat up the organizers and followers alike in the name of democracy and freedom!

    Long live the courageous Yellow Vest Protestors!

    Long live the struggles for liberty, fraternity and equality of the French people!

    Keep giving the Macron government and capitalism hell in France !!

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