Venezuela Condemns Staged Operation at Border with Colombia

Source:  TeleSUR
February 23 2019

venezuelan armed vehicle.jpgVenezuelan armed vehicles are seen at the Venezuelan-Colombian border after
the staged attack by right-wing elements. | Photo: teleSUR

teleSUR correspondent in Venezuela said Venezuelan immigration Police were securing the border point and that members of the Venezuelan army were deployed at the scene.

A group of low-level soldiers of the Venezuelan National Guard Saturday took over multiple armored vehicles that belong to the Venezuelan force and rammed into border barriers at the Venezuelan-Colombian border in a staged operation ordered by right-wing opposition members in Colombia.

According to teleSUR reporters at the scene, armored vehicles of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) rammed into the Venezuelan security barrier installed in the Simon Bolivar international bridge and then three attackers fled to Colombia where they were received by two leaders of the Venezuelan far right.

Securing the border point

teleSUR correspondent in Venezuela Madeleine García said that Venezuelan immigration Police were securing the border point and that members of the Venezuelan army were deployed at the scene. “Three soldiers were moved to Colombian territory, but not all the armed forces of Venezuela.”

Garcia said that at least one member of the border security force was injured in the staged attack as well as a Chilean photographer who was at the scene.

The incident comes as the right-wing opposition attempts to illegally enter so-called humanitarian aid provided by the United States into Venezuelan territories.

Images circulated Saturday on the social networks of Colombian military officers accompanied by U.S. military personnel who were on the border of Colombia under the Las Tienditas bridge crossing the border. Images of several drones were also captured flying over the Colombian side of the Las Tienditas bridge.

The Venezuelan administration closed the passage completely and temporarily on the Simón Bolívar, Unión and Santander bridges, alleging “serious and illegal threats attempted by the Government of Colombia against the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela.”

Duque trying damage peace in Venezuela

Local authorities at the state of Táchira denounced that the government of President Duque is trying to damage peace in Venezuela by complying with the orders given by U.S. President  Donald Trump. “Duque is trying to damage the peace of Venezuela and is attacking” a sister nation, despite this “we are still here calmly and peacefully,” he said.

He pointed out that the majority of Venezuelan officials are firm in defending the country and will not surrender to subordinated empires or government.

After the incident, Venezuelan citizens arrived at the Simón Bolívar bridge with slogans and posters in favor of peace and in support of the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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