This Coup Is Openly Led By The U.S.: Arreaza

Source:  Internationalist 360
February 12 2019


United Nations – Press Conference by H.E. Mr. Jorge Arreaza, Minister of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the situation in the country. (In English).

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza gave a press conference from the headquarters of the United Nations, where he reaffirmed the condemnation of the coup d’état carried out by the U.S. government against his country.

Arreaza warned about the direct and open participation of the United States in the organization, promotion and financing of aggression, giving orders to the opposition and attempting to force an internal military reaction. He stressed, nonetheless, that the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) has remained ” unbroken in accordance with the Constitution.

The Chancellor regretted that the European Union and its institutions have made the mistake of recognizing “the falsehood of something that does not exist”, in reference to its position of support for the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó.

He also thanked some nations that have not joined the interference. “The government of Italy has been very conscientious, and has tried to get the parties to achieve a Venezuelan solution and not be imposing what the U.S. government says,” he said.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister highlighted the cynicism of the U.S. government for sending supposed “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela. “We will be consistent, the government that blocks and attacks and threatens is the one that offers you humanitarian aid? There is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, there is a blockaded and besieged economy,” he said.

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