President Maduro Proposes Petro As ALBA’s Currency

Source:  TeleSUR
December 14 2018

“It’s been 14 years since the official founding of ALBA.  Today we can see the positive balance throughout all fields of ALBA: the social, the political, diplomatic and with the human side of things.  What is the main reason for our efforts?  To guarantee our region’s true independence and to guarantee the sustainability of a fair and social solidarity model for our people.   Without a doubt, it is the effort towards developing unity  and an economic, productive integration so we can,as a bloc, develop the vast resources of our countries.

I propose that ALBA assumes the Petro currency and cryptocurrency as the core of their financial efforts towards a future of reaching economic freedom.  I am officially proposing this befoe ALBA and all the peoples represented here.

The Petro is a reality, it was born under pressure fighting against sanctions and financial persecution…”  President Nicolas Maduro.

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