Colombian government halts peace talks with the ELN

Source:  Granma

February 1, 2018

Juan Manuel Santos 3The peace talks between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the National Liberation Army (ELN) face new difficulties due to the suspension of the Fifth Cycle of Talks following attacks in several areas of Colombia.

This Wednesday, January 31, when the bilateral meeting was scheduled to be held, the head of the official delegation of the Colombian Executive and former vice president of the nation, Gustavo Bell, tweeted that “In accordance with the decision of President Juan Manuel Santos on the negotiations with the ELN, the Government Peace Team remains in Bogotá.”

elnMeanwhile, the ELN Central Command asked the government to remain consistent with the commitments made in the negotiations and insisted on the resumption of the talks, Prensa Latina reported.

The guerrilla group considered that, as in other negotiation processes, the difficulties presented must be solved by resorting to the instruments that have been created, designed for the political solution of the conflict, which in this case correspond to the negotiation table in Quito.

“There are agreements in progress, an agenda, on the implementation of the process and the negotiation table, which must be respected,” the group stressed.

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