UNICEF recognize the achievements of Nicaragua in favor of children

Source:  Nicaragua News

unicef logo 3.gif


The United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF has recognized the effectiveness of social programs carried out by the Government of Nicaragua in favor of children.

ivan yerovi unicef 2.jpgThe UNICEF representative Iván Yerovi said, “It is of great importance to recognize the achievements of Nicaragua. We are in favor of these positive results; it is a good time to reiterate our support and our decision to align ourselves with these national priorities and to be a reliable partner, a partner that can be efficient and effective.”

Likewise, the former Special Ombudsman for the Rights of Children, Carlos Emilio López, noted the substantial amount of social programs for children carried out by the administration of President Daniel Ortega through institutions such as the Ministry of Family that daniel ortega us imperialism threatens peace.jpgcontributes to the reduction of the levels of malnutrition, infant mortality, adolescent crime, the eradication of child labor and increased vaccination coverage for the prevention of diseases. (Nicaragua News, Dec. 13)

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