Argentines Demand Justice for Dictatorship Crimes

Source:  TeleSUR
December 12 2016

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On International Human Rights Day, Argentines take to the streets to protests against abuses under the government of Macri.

Human rights organizations in Argentina marched to the historic Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires Saturday, demanding President Mauricio Macri release the “first political prisoner” of his administration, Indigenous activist Milagro Sala.

Argentines demand justice for disappeared.jpg

Human rights activists demand justice for the thousands disappeared and killed during the dictatorship. | Photo: El Pais

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We Continue Resisting

Called “We Continue Resisting,” the march formed part of the National Day of Struggle for Human Rights that commemorates the International Day of Human Rights on Dec. 10 as well as the anniversary of the country’s return to democracy in 1983.

As well as the main event which was held in the Argentine capital at 6 p.m. local time, satellite marches took place in other cities such as Bahia Blanca, Cordoba, Mendoza, Santiago del Estero, Tucuman, Rosario and Santa Fe.

The march coincided with the first anniversary of President Macri’s administration. The protesters are demanding the government and judicial system hold accountable those who committed crimes during the dictatorship as well as calling for the implementation of public policies that support human rights in the country, including the release of Sala.

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Discontent with the criminalization of social protest

According to the organizers, the protesters are also expressing discontent at the recent “criminalization of social protest and institutional violence by security forces.”

Among the organizers are the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, human rights activists that have been searching for their grandchildren since they were abducted by the dictatorship during the 1970s.

Estela de Carlotto said the march was organized to protest all the human rights abuses in the country’s recent history and to demand justice for state crimes during the dictatorship era.

“We want to let everyone know what we have been working for 40 years, so they won’t forget and it won’t happen again”, said de Carlotto.

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