Bigotry still Lives in America   

by Michael Heslop


sun shines over dark clouds 2.jpg

The sun will rise again shedding light on the dark clouds hanging over US in America,


The clouds have always been dark for those of US too dark to be blue in America,


How dark can the clouds become for those of US too dark to be blue under the bigot-elect?

No one knows for sure but as Africa is our mama, and as history not naivety is our guide, we will always bleed for the smallest progress in America,


The moon too will do its customary dance far above the dark clouds, shining brilliantly on the bigot elect and the civilized in the streets alike in America,

The rain, hopefully heavy rain, will burst through the sullen clouds to show not only America’s tears but the tears of the world for the abuse of democracy in America on Tuesday, November 8th,

There is unease as there should be about the victory of bigots in America,


Bigots have always ruled America since they expropriated it from its indigenous inhabitants,

There is fury and there will be and should be more to resist the agenda of the bigot elect and his angry band of white supremacists,

There is fear as there should be about the impending attacks of the bigots on progress as there will be,


There should also be the resolve to fight back against bigotry’s gleeful moments against progress,

These moments are inevitable as the bigots enter the centers of government to unleash their bigotry which is about all they have left to offer to America and the world,

For sure, there will be battles in the coming months and years as there must be in the streets and in the centers of power,

These coming battles will be between those who battle for unity and those who battle for division, those who battle for progress and those who battle for hate, those who battle for light and those who battle for the permanence of bigotry’s darkness that for much too long has ruled America,

The inevitable battles to come will be to define America’s soul and to give America a conscience that since the coming of the pilgrims has gone with the wind leaving it with a frigid soul for those of us too dark to be blue!

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