World Reacts to Fidel Castro’s Passing

Source:  TeleSUR
November 25 2016


A woman carries a portrait of Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro during a May Day rally in Istanbul, Turkey, May 1, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

The world reacted instantly to Friday’s news that Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, died Friday at the age of 90.

Within minutes news of Fidel Castro’s death was trending on Twitter, with 350 thousand tweets within an hour of the announcement on Cuban national television. Wikipedia had almost instantly updated its entry on the leader of the small Caribbean island who inspired revolutionary movements throughout the world.

Fidel’s key allies in the region, leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution which owed so much to his legacy, responded quickly to the news:

Read more here from Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa and others.

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One thought on “World Reacts to Fidel Castro’s Passing

  1. What a massive loss to the people of the Caribbean! To all those thousands of Doctors who were trained in Cuba at the expense of the Cuban People’s Revolution. I was responsible in the 1970’s for managing this program in Jamaica and met and toured with Fidel in Savanalamar when he met with the Cuban Doctors giving service to the people of Jamaica in the rural underserved areas. The late Jaime Davis, a Cuban doctor of Jamaican ancestry was the head of the Cuban delegation. What a fine and accmplished surgeon he was. Fidel was very pleased and commended both the Jamaica and Cuban teams. In 1981, I was part of a delegation led by PJ Patterson which met with Fidel in his office and had long and a cordial, brotherly and comradely discussion. What an impressive dignified compassionate and humble person he was. This meeting was one of the highlights of my life. He embraced us all in solidarity always with an encouraging word. Long live Fidel’s legacy!!
    Signed: Prof Winston G Mendes Davidson. (Jamaica).

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