¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Source:  Granma
November 26 2016

Message from the President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro, notifying the Cuban people and world of the death of the late leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Raúl Castro Ruz | internet@granma.cu


Photo: Archivo

“Dear people of Cuba:

It is with deep sorrow that I come before you to inform our people, and friends of Our America and the world, that today, November 25, at 10.29pm, Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz passed away. In accordance with his express wishes Compañero Fidel’s remains will be cremated. In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26, the funeral organizing commission will provide our people with detailed information regarding the posthumous tributes which will be paid to the founder of the Cuban Revolution.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

One thought on “¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

  1. A Tribute to Our Ever Present Commandante Fidel Castro!

    The life of Fidel Castro is a life of extraordinary example, extraordinary courage, extraordinary intellect, extraordinary dignity and extraordinary integrity.

    Fidel Castro has played the leading role in the creation of the Cuban revolution which has not only transformed the material life of the Cuban people but it has also had a significant global impact on the lives of tens of millions of people including millions in the industrialized capitalist countries including the USA.

    For example, every West Indian, every Latin American, every African and Asian who gets medical or dental assistance from their Cuban trained natives or directly from Cuban doctors and dentists are beneficiaries not only of the Cuban revolution but also of Fidel’s revolutionary leadership.

    Further, every school, every clinic, hospital, sports complex, bridge, dam, water supply system, road, factory or farm built with the technical assistance of Cuban engineers, technicians and construction workers anywhere on the planet are fruits of the revolutionary leadership of the unforgettable Fidel Castro.

    Indeed, the reach of the Cuban revolution in preventing diseases and fighting diseases where they exist through medical assistance is directly attributable to the Cuban revolution and its internationalist leader, Commandante Fidel.

    In this regard, Cuba’s outstanding internationalist medical assistance to its West African brothers and sisters in almost single handedly defeating the deadly Ebola virus earlier this year is not only a feat of the Cuban revolution but also of Fidel Castro, its tireless and visionary shepherd.

    Additionally, every single revolutionary and or anti-colonial or anti-imperialist movement in every corner of the globe whether it is FRELIMO in Mozambique, the ANC in South Africa, the MPLA in Angola, the NJM in Grenada or any other liberation movements that received military, technical and other forms of assistance from Cuba not only owe their successes against their colonial and imperialist enemies to Cuba’s revolution but very importantly to the strategic and visionary leadership of el Jefe.

    Likewise, every Cuban trained professional in every field and from any country on the planet owes their profession not only to the Cuban revolution but to its visionary leader who has guided it for nearly five decades.

    Cuba’s many medical, educational, sports and other achievements are also inseparable from Fidel and the revolution as are the thousands of scholarships in multiple fields that the revolution extends to governments in the developing and developed world every year.

    The growing isolation of the US globally and particularly in Latin America as it relates to the criminal US blockade against Cuba that in part is responsible for President Obama’s efforts to “normalize” relationship with Cuba is really the culmination of the tireless struggles and the strategic and visionary leadership of comrade Fidel Castro Ruiz at the UN and countless other international and regional bodies for decades.

    In this context, those liberal and reactionary foes of the Cuban revolution in the US and globally particularly Los gusanos in South Florida who falsely argue that Fidel did not want an end to the blockade because he used it politically against the US to blame the failures of the revolution on the blockade are wrong on at least three counts.

    First, if in fact there was or is any validity to this claim then the opposition of these foes of the revolution to end the blockade would have eliminated Fidel’s and the revolution’s basis for wanting the blockade intact since removing it would have left Fidel and his government vulnerable and exposed in the absence of the blockade to blame for the failures of the revolution.

    Secondly, it is an empirical fact that the blockade has impacted the people of Cuba and their revolution negatively over the last 54 years.

    Indeed, the Cuban government has estimated perhaps conservatively that since the imposition of the blockade, the overall costs to the Cuban economy and society are $1.1 trillion.

    The latter consists of the excessive costs of imports of machinery, foods, educational materials and health care equipment etc from very distant markets in China, India, Japan and the EU compared to the comparatively smaller costs they would have paid for the same imports from nearby markets in the US which the blockade prohibits.

    Additionally, the $1.1 trillion estimate of the Cuban government also includes excessive freight charges.

    For example, the additional costs for a vessel engaged in trade with Cuba from Europe to Havana is $215,800 more though from Asia to Havana, the same vessel would incur additional costs of $516,700 more as compared to the costs of a similar vessel from nearer markets in the US.

    There are also huge surcharges that third countries like Sweden and others charge Cuba for doing business with a US blockaded country which they typically call Cuba’s “country risk.”

    Furthermore, the existence of the US blockade imposes other significant costs such as payments for insurance of vessels transporting whether its foods, raw materials, construction materials etc to Cuba. These explicit costs are real and burdensome to the Cuban economy and people. However, an important, perhaps the most important of these costs are what economists term the opportunity costs of the blockade. In other words, what if there was no blockade against Cuba?

    There would be enormous savings from higher import costs, freight and surcharges and insurance charges that the revolution could have invested in building more schools, roads, bridges, houses, hospitals, providing more scholarships, transportation and construction technologies that could not only potentially improve the efficiency of the economy to produce more GDP but in the process make it more productive. Third, if in fact the liberal and reactionary foes of the revolution were right, why would Fidel and the other revolutionary leaders have invested so much time and other resources that the revolution could barely afford to resist the blockade for nearly 60 years?

    Consequently, the evidence is overwhelming that Fidel’s visionary leadership against the blockade over five decades was to end its real devastation on the Cuban economy and society. In effect, Fidel Castro understood the real threat of the blockade as political, economic, cultural, psychological, propagandistic and ideological weapons against the revolution.

    Hence, his assertive, determined and uncompromising leadership to end the criminal US blockade aimed at destroying the revolution.

    There is no doubt that this revolutionary giant that we sadly lost a day ago was clear not only about the blockade’s threat to the revolution’s capacity to improve the material and spiritual life of the Cuban people but he was also acutely aware of its threat to the revolution’s ability to deliver its material solidarity and its internationalist obligations to liberation movements and sovereign nations o the planet.

    As such, Los gusanos in Miami and elsewhere in the US who hate Fidel and the revolution can celebrate his physical demise as much as they like (as uncivil and despicable as that is), however, they and their imperialist sponsors will never be able to demean or discredit Fidel Castro’s unquestionable role and place in history as a revolutionary leader who has done more to advance the fight against poverty, hunger, war and for peace, justice and human dignity than all gusanos in the world combined.

    Isn’t it interesting that these Cuban gusanos who now celebrate the death of this great revolutionary statesman, Fidel Castro Ruiz, have never celebrated the death of criminals like Fulgencio Batista(Cuba), Augusto Pinochet(Chile) ,Anastasio Somoza(and Nicaragua), the Shah(Iran) Mobutu Sesseko (Zaire) Fernidad Marcos (Phillipines) and other neofascist dictators around the globe?

    Shouldn’t the Cuban gusanos celebration of Fidel’s death be seen as a honor to Fidel and his revolutionary legacy rather than a curse?

    After all, the Cuban gusanos are sucking on bitter grapes since they were the ones who had properties and privileges under the dictatorships of Batista that they lost with the triumph of the revolution led by Fidel Castro.

    These are the same gusanos who either directly ruled Cuba in collusion with American imperialism or whose parents did. These are the same racists who discriminated against black people and other people of color for decades in an apartheid like system in Cuba prior to the victory of the revolution in 1959.

    These Cuban gusanos who along with their imperialist tutors lyingly refer to Fidel Castro as a dictator to discredit him are shameless people because they have no problem dealing with murderous dictators like Batista and others. Their problem with Fidel and the revolution is that they could not manipulate him and they could not corrupt him with their blood money.

    These are the same anti-Castro forces who as rulers in Cuba under pro-American dictators like Machado and Batista murdered their opponents, brutalized and slaughtered poor people and peasants and committed multiple violations of human rights against the Cuban people.

    Yes indeed, these are the same “Cuban patriots” who are now celebrating the death of an indisputable Cuban patriot who are using political clowns like Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to lecture Cuba about “human rights?”

    Their celebration of Fidel’s death is not only disrespectful but it is a manifestation of the political class enmity towards the man who led the revolution that overthrew their class power and the oppressive structures that maintained it against the interests of the majority of the Cuban people.

    So while the sons and daughters of the former oppressor classes and their hangers on in Cuba are celebrating the death of the 90 year old revolutionary icon, the rest of the world is celebrating the life of this great man who had not only led a revolution but who has
    also impacted the lives of tens of millions of human beings world wide.

    The bitterness and rabid hatred of the Miami based counterrevolutionaries (Los gusanos) towards Fidel Castro have nothing to do with him being a “dictator” or a “murderer ” as they frequently like to say. On the contrary, their stoic political animosity towards the late communist icon has everything to do with the fact that the revolution he led ended their fountain of ill-gotten wealth and exploitation of the Cuban people and their resources and racist privileges.

    Furthermore, the Miami based gusanos and other right wing crackpots like Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio profoundly hate Fidel Castro not only because he led a revolution that ended their oppressive and racist class rule in Cuba but also because he capably defended the revolution against all their criminal acts to overthrow the revolution.

    These gusanos who are now celebrating the passing of Fidel Castro in Miami and Washington DC are also hostile to Fidel because not only did he lead a successful revolution against their capitalist dictatorship and defended it for nearly 60 years against all their intrigues to destroy it but personally he defied all their 600 plus assassination attempts against his life.

    Their unrelenting political hostility towards Fidel Castro is also due to their resounding failure to bribe him with their dirty blood money for 60 years because as a man of dignity and integrity, he refused to be bought by los gusanos and their imperialist masters.

    Thus for all he has done in his life to impact the lives of people with all its flaws, Fidel Castro’s place in history is unquestioned as a champion of anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, revolution and socialism irrespective of what his bourgeois detractors in the US and elsewhere do and say about him.

    The reason is simple-the Cuban revolution and Fidel have been unshakeable in its support of the poor and working people who have always been forgotten and left behind by the oligarchy and imperialism everywhere on this planet.

    Thus, the revolutionary example, firmness of principles, courage against the odds and shining dignity are the best qualities that Fidel exhibited that made him so incorruptible by his foes.

    These qualities are at the same time Fidel’s best tribute as a revolutionary lion who will be deeply missed and NEVER forgotten.

    Fidel’s legacy as a revolutionary and humanist will live for eternity in the hearts and minds of freedom loving people all over the world and no imperialist propagandist and no Cuban gusano anywhere on the planet will ever be able to erase his impact and legacy!

    Thank you Fidel Castro for your life of struggles, impeccable dignity, unshakeable morality, brilliant humor and unquestionable commitment to revolution, socialism and internationationalist solidarity to the poor and working peopleand against imperialism and all other oppressive systems!

    Hasta la Victoria siempre!

    Patria o muerte, Venceremos!

    “They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?” Fidel Castro

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