Fidel: It is worthwhile to have lived!

Extract from speech delivered by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of his admission to the University of Havana , in the Aula Magna of the University, on November 17, 2005


“There must be an end to stupidity in the world, and to abuse, and to the (rule of an) empire based on might and terror.  It will disappear when all fear disappears. Every day there are more fearless countries.  Every day there will be more countries that will rebel and the empire will not be able to keep that infamous system alive any longer.

Salvador Allende once spoke of things that would happen rather sooner than later. I believe that sooner rather than later the empire will disintegrate and the American people will enjoy more freedom than ever, they will be able to aspire to more justice than ever before; they will be able too use science and technology for their own improvement and for the betterment of humanity; they will be able to join all of us who fight for the survival of the species; they will be able to join all of us who fight for opportunities for the human species.

It’s only fair to struggle for that and that is why we must use all our energy, all our effort and all our time  to be able to say with the voice of millions, or hundreds of thousands of millions of people: it is worthwhile to have been born! It is worthwhile to have lived!”

Source:  Fidel Castro, We Can Build The Most Just Society in the World, 2005, Havana, Cuba, Publications Office of the Council of State, p 102.

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