Nicaragua Mourns Death of President of National Assembly

Source:  TeleSUR
September 10 2016

The Sandinista Rene Nuñez Tellez fought in the guerrilla wars against the U.S.-backed Somoza dictatorship.

rene nunez tellez y daniel ortega.jpg

Rene Nuñez Tellez (L) next to Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega | Photo: Presidencia Nicaragua

The President of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, Rene Nuñez Tellez, died on Saturday at a hospital in Costa Rica where he was receiving medical treatment for a lung condition.

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The 69-year-old Sandinista was a candidate for re-election under the Sandinista National Liberation Front, known as FSLN, in the coming November elections.

Three days of mourning

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega approved three days of mourning, in which Nicaraguan flags will fly at half mast at all public buildings in the country, according to the decree signed by the president.

Ortega praised Nuñez’s commitment to the cause of the Sandinistas before and after the overthrow of the Somoza dynasty, and praised his legacy in front of the legislative branch.

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A tireless fighter

The executive decree on his death calls Nuñez a “tireless fighter for the welfare and progress of Nicaraguan families toward justice, peace and prosperity.”

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It also recalls his role in the ranks of the Sandinista National Liberation Front “as a guerrilla member who suffered persecution, imprisonment and torture.”

“In front of the National Assembly he promoted dialogue and consensus (…) and worked to modernize and equip the National Assembly with innovative tools to increase capacity and better serve the people of Nicaragua,” said the decree.

Nuñez began his parliamentary career as a member of the National Assembly in 2002 and became president of the institution in 2005. In the 1980s, Nunez was secretary of the National Directorate of the FSLN and was a member of the Sandinista National Council, considered the highest structure of the political party.

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One thought on “Nicaragua Mourns Death of President of National Assembly

  1. A Tribute to Rene Nunez Tallez-A Soldier of Peace, Justice and Revolution!

    In the spirit of Augusto Sandino and the Nicaraguan revolution and the freedoms and democratic openings that it continues to create for the majority of the Nicaraguan people, we extend our condolences to the family, friends and comrades of brother Rene Nunez Tellez for all he did to build and defend the revolution from its enemies.

    We extend gratitude and appreciation to Rene in his battles along with his comrades in the FSLN to end one of the worst dictatorships in Central America and the world, namely, the vicious and hated Somoza dictatorship.

    His tireless contribution to the destruction of the structures of oppression, torture, massacres, discrimination and theft against the Nicaraguan people during the dictatorship that were built by the oligarchy and their US tutors will never be forgotten in the minds of freedom fighters in Central America and elsewhere on the planet.

    We likewise extend our gratitude to Rene for his principled anti-imperialism that was and is manifested both in his opposition to the US thug, Anastasio Somoza, as well as his resistance to the dominance of US corporations and banks in virtually all spheres of Nicaraguan society. Both of these were responsible for the structures, institutions and policies that created the basis for the oppression and underdevelopment that made many Nicaraguans poor, hungry, illiterate and lacking in basic amenities like running water and electricity in their homes, unemployment among others.

    Rene was there in the forefront of these battles against those criminal and oppressive structures that made his people suffer and poor and so on his passing, we express our appreciation for his battles to make the wrongs of the oligarchy and imperialism right for his people.

    Finally, and perhaps more importantly is the enormous contribution of Rene to replacing along with the FSLN the structures of oppression by the revolution. Rene’s role in the construction and defense of the revolution is incontestable particularly his role as the speaker of the House of Assembly for nearly twelve years.

    We will always honor and recall Rene’s role as speaker of the house where he played an indispensable role to build consensus in shepherding laws to extend and deepen the legal foundation of the people’s revolution.

    Thus as a guardian of the revolution, Rene’s ultimate commitment to ant-imperialism, national sovereignty and the freedoms and rights of Nicaraguans will forever shine as we say our final farewell for this revolutionary.

    May you have eternal peace and rest Rene Nunez Tallez!

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