Cuban Student Wins International Technology Prize

Source: Radio Angulo
September 6 2016

julio jose mora cuba.jpg

Cuban student Julio Jose Mora Ruiz, who is majoring on Electric Engineering at the Doctor Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Higher Mining Institute in Moa, won the Second International Prize on Appropriate Technologies of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

The work “Diseño, construccion e implantacion de un calentador solar hibrido en un Consultorio Medico de la Familia de Cuba” (Design, Construction and Implantation of a Hybrid Solar Heater at a Doctor’s Office in Cuba) was presented to the contest with much expectation by Julio Jose, who comes from the municipality of Calixto Garcia, in Holguin province.

Five finalists

The strict jury of the competition in its second summoned for university students or just graduated youths from developing nations, chose five finalists: two from Cuba, two from Nicaragua and one from Haiti.

And the third year student who turned 22 years last July 28 won the laurel for his innovation.

The prize seeks supporting and spreading technological proposals and innovations (ideas, designs or prototypes) coming from Higher Education Centers in developing nations which go for helping improve access to basic services to people living in poor areas of the world.

One of the best students

The competition grants a cash prize of 2.800 Euros and the commitment of expanding the results of the technology created.

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid also invites the awarded person to its Laboratory of Appropriate Technologies to develop a proposal of technological collaboration, for two to three months – from September y December 2016.

According to engineer Liomnis Osorio Laurencio, his tutor and a specialist from the Center of Studies of Advanced Technologies of Energy in Moa, Julio Jose is one of the best students at the Doctor Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Higher Mining Institute, where he is the President of the University Student Federation there.

julio-jose-mora-cuba-2Hybrid Solar Heater

Osorio Laurencio praises his student’s decision of devising and manufacturing the Hybrid Solar Heater on his own account. He wanted the devise served any social sector, but also would help him channel his graduation paper on electric engineering.

The Hybrid Solar Heater was finally installed at a Doctor’s Office in a rural neighborhood in the municipality of Calixto Garcia.

“Julio Jose had to learn some content on solar thermal energy, which are taught in fifth year,” Osorio Laurencio said, and added that he did with admirable skill the analysis of the results reached, which he put into charts and figures. As from the technological point of view, he used recycled materials and others he bought in the stores.

It could be used at the about 33 thousand Doctor’s Offices in Cuba

Osorio Laurencio also said that to test the efficiency of the solar heater Julio Jose made the calculations taking as a reference December, the month with the least solar radiation in the province of Holguin; and that he added to the prototype a system for the control of the temperature to make it work at night too. That means it could be built or not, depending on the having to work in the mountains or the plains, with or without electric services from the national power supply.

“In my opinion it could be used at the about 33 thousand Doctor’s Offices in Cuba; that will help improve the quality of life of the doctors, the comfort of those places and even the medical and sanitary services,” Osorio Laurencio asserted.

I wanted the doctors to live a little better

Julio Jose said that the idea was passing through his mind for a long while; mainly when he began his studies. “I wanted the doctors to live a little better. You know, many of them assisting people in far back places, in the mountains, in rural settlements day and night. And now that the Spanish University opened the door to initiatives, I found out the way out to my dreams.”

“It all started from the chance of exploiting renewable sources of energy: wind, solar, photovoltaic, you know, any type to help improve the living conditions and medical services at the Doctor’s Offices, without much money or materials used. Specifically, by having hot water there all day long, with or without power supply there.”

According to specialists, Julio Jose said, Cuba receives in a year a solar radiation with an equivalent energetic value of twenty thousand millions of tons of oil; meanwhile in barely 50 kilometers of sun, such amount would be enough to generate power.

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