Massive Turnout in Defense of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Source:  TeleSUR
September 1 2016

As opposition supporters protested in the streets of Caracas, pro-government Chavistas came out to show their support for President Maduro and to defend the Bolivarian Revolution.

massive turnout in defense of Maduro.jpg

Thousands of pro-government supporters staged a counter rally to defend President Nicolas Maduro after the right-wing opposition called for a “taking of Caracas” march to demand Maduro’s ouster.

massive turnout in defense of venezuela's bolivarian revolution.jpg

The Chavistas gathered in front of the presidential palace Miraflores in Caracas Wednesday where President Maduro gave a speech on the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution and the importance of defending it.

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One thought on “Massive Turnout in Defense of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

  1. There are a few key facts about the “crisis”that the local oligarchy and their imperialist masters in Washington DC are creating in Venezuela that require some comments in the context of the unfolding situation in that South American nation.

    First, the “crisis” is largely the direct result of the multifaceted actions of sabotage and destabilization of the political economy of Bolivar’s and Chavez’s country by the local oligarchy and imperialism who have declared war on the democratically elected government of President Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution.

    The fact is that had there been no revolution in Venezuela that is designed to explicitly uproot the structures of exploitation and underdevelopment that perpetuate poverty, diseases, hunger, illiteracy, homelessness, misery and dependency on western economies, the foes of the revolution would not have been creating food, political and other crises with the explicit purpose to overthrow the government and to destroy the revolution.

    In this regard, it is probably worth asking the following questions:
    •Why are the local oligarchies and their imperialist masters in Washington DC not actively sabotaging social, political and economic life (i.e. creating crises)in “friendly countries” like Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and others despite the worsening conditions and state violence against their peoples?

    *Why instead are the South and Central American countries designated as “unfriendly” such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and even the former reformist government of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil targeted for destabilization by their local oligarchies and imperialist masters in Washington DC?

    •Are the governments in the so-called “friendly countries” more committed to their peoples fight against the conditions imposed by imperialist underdevelopment than those in countries like Venezuela and Ecuador that are labeled ” unfriendly” by the power elites in Washington DC?

    •What is it that the governments in the ” unfriendly countries” of South and Central America doing to solicit that title from the imperialist government of the USA and its local stooges?

    •What on the contrary are the “friendly governments” in South and Central America doing to earn that pleasing title from the imperialist government of the USA?

    •Are the “friendly governments” in South and Central America called “friendly” because they are pro-imperialist governments?

    •Are the “unfriendly governments” in South and Central America such as Venezuela and Ecuador called “unfriendly” because they are anti-imperialist governments?

    •Why is the government of the USA engaging in political divisiveness among countries and governments that share the same languages, similar cultures, similar levels of development, resources and even geographic borders by categorizing some as “friendly” and others as ” unfriendly”?or even ” hostile”?

    •Who gains from division of any kind-the weak and poor countries or the rich and powerful ones?

    •What then is the possible strategy of the powerful imperialist government of the USA towards the governments and peoples in South-Central America and the Caribbean?

    •Is it to divide us into “good guys” and “bad guys” and therefore to rule us easier by being better able to exploit and use our resources by pitting us against each other while they loot our resources smiling all the way to the bank?

    Second, the reactionary thugs, the local oligarchy and their imperialist masters in Washington DC are attacking the Bolivarian revolution on all fronts particularly on the economic front by manufacturing food crisis by hoarding foodstuffs and basic consumer goods like rice, toilet paper, cooking oil, toothpaste and others from working people to turn them against the revolution.

    Bob Marley’s lyrical words in his famous song “Belly Full” that “…..a hungry man is an angry man” is apparently being used by the local oligarchy and Washington’s government to starve the Venezuelan working people as one of their tactical actions to turn them against their own class interests i.e. their own revolution and their leaders like Peesident Maduro. Indeed, the manufactured food shortages and consumer goods shortages like rice and milk create a further problem, namely, hyperinflation of 160% and more which severely reduces the purchasing power of Venezuelans and therefore to aggravate their economic plight.

    Third, the desperation of Washington, namely, the Obama Administration and its local hacks to overthrow Maduro’s government is evident in their haste to try and push through their referendum to recall Maduro by the end of 2016. The latter despite the declaration of the Electoral Comission of Venezuela that there will be no referendum before 2017.

    To these counterrevolutionary thugs disguised as opposition leaders who are organizing protests against the government, the sovereign decision of the country’s Electoral Commission is not enough. Consequently, these servants of imperialism and the oligarchy are openly calling again for street violence against the sovereign elected government of the country and its supporters. They did the same thing in 2014 resulting in nearly 50 deaths and significant damage to infrastructure like buildings, roads, government offices and college campuses. These were the vicious actions against the public property of the taxpayers of Venezuela that these “law abiding citizens” who are doing everything in their power to intimidate, frighten and hurt the very people and destroy the very property they seek to be in charge of albeit through violence.

    Clearly, the constitutionally elected government of the people of Venezuela has the unabashed responsibility to its people and the mandate to ensure that the constitutional rights and safety of its people are protected against those who seek to restore the old order in which the resources of Venezuela are used to make the superrich in the US and Venezuela even richer.

    However, equally important as the revolutionary government of President Maduro knows the defense of the revolution must necessarily mean not only military, political, ideological and propagandistic cleverness, creativity and preparedness but it must also mean macroeconomic stabilization.

    The latter means several things among which are first and foremost the taming of hyper-inflationary prices so that the real incomes of working people can have more purchasing power when the prices for foods, soaps, clothing, housing, transport and others are brought down to their reach. Macroeconomic stabilization also means that the government must ensure that the relative prices of the country’s exports (mainly oil) and imports ( foods, medicines, clothing, fertilizers and others) must be competitive to ensure increased sales of its exports and reduced purchases of its imports particularly the non-essentials usually luxuries like Mercedes Benzes, Porches, expensive Armani suites, caviars etc that those who are trying to get rid of Maduro and the revolution waste the country’s foreign earnings to buy from abroad.

    In this context, defending the revolution must necessarily mean that as difficult as it is largely because of those who are trying to get rid of the revolution by hiding thousands of tons of foods and other consumer goods, the government will have to ensure that foods, toilet tissue, toothpaste etc remain on supermarket shelves. If the latter is not done, social and economic stability will be a fleeting illusion and therefore the task of the oligarchy and imperialism will be made easier.

    Significantly in this context also is that the foundation to diversify the predominantly petroleum based economy must be laid in the medium to long term as soon as the pressing priorities to stabilize the economy and ward of the neofascist and right wing opposition and their imperial masters is satisfactorily achieved.

    Finally, the raw show of Washington’s power in backing the right-wing opposition who are doing everything to rip up the country is the same power being employed to back those corrupted bastards who have impeached President Rousseff in Brazil and that is trying to destabilize the other anti-imperialist governments in Latin America like Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua that are decidedly on the side of their independence, sovereignty and distributive social and economic policies to end poverty, hunger, unemployment, crime and other injustices that imperialist and capitalist exploitation and underdevelopment have imposed on them for over 500 years!

    “Peace of you are willing to fight for it” Fred Hampton

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