Maduro: Coup in Brazil, Killing of Bolivia Minister ‘Imperialist Attack’ Against All

Source:  TeleSUR
August 27 2016

President Maduro said the recent events in Bolivia and Brazil are part of a new plan to destabilize progressive governments in the region.

Maduro at rally sept 2016.jpg

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro gestures during a rally in Caracas | Photo: Reuters

Following the murder of the Bolivian vice minister by miners and as the impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff reaches its final stage, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro warned Saturday of “imperialist” attacks on the region’s left and compared the situation to a new Plan Condor.

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“It’s an imperialist attack against all,” said Maduro. “From Venezuela we will fight the coup of the oligarchy.”

Plan Condor was a U.S.-backed military and intelligence operation in the 1970s that saw Washington tacitly support state-sponsored terror to eliminate subversive, left-wing sectors of society and control the perceived threat of communism.

On Saturday, the Venezuelan leader said he will fight for sovereignty alongside the Latin American people and with the support of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, President Evo Morales in Bolivia, President Rafael Correa in Ecuador and President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

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Peace and democracy

Maduro made the comments as he spoke to workers and supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution at a rally outside the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas. He called on Venezuelans to defend peace, the future and democracy against what he termed a planned coup by the opposition in the country.

“Venezuela has lived hours of anguish and pain that we can’t afford to live again,” said Maduro. “In order to maintain and build our freedom and our independence, to not be slaves any more of the Yankee empire”.

On Monday, national television channels will broadcast a documentary in Venezuela on the coup d’etat against former president Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002, called “Keys of a Massacre” from director Angel Palacios.

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