Nicaragua Demands OAS Head Step Down over Abuse of Post

Source:  TeleSUR
June 15 2016

nicaragua demands oas head steps down.jpg

Denis Moncada Colindres (R), Nicaraguan representative to the OAS, called for the OAS secretary-general, Luis Almagro to step down. | Photo: OAS / Reuters

The representative from Nicaragua said Luis Almagro’s behavior was “illegal, disrespectful and arrogant” and made him unfit for office.

The recent actions by the secretary-general of the Organization of American States took center stage Wednesday when the representative from Nicaragua requested Luis Almagro step down for his repeated interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela.

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“This repeated behavior of the secretary-general of the OAS disqualifies him to continue in his role and Nicaragua expects, in order to wash the stains and shame of the Organization of American States, that the Secretary-General Mr. Almagro put forward his irrevocable resignation to this plenary meeting today in the Dominican Republic,” said Denis Moncada Colindres, the Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS.

Illegal, disrespectful and arrogant

Moncada said Almagro’s behavior was “illegal, disrespectful and arrogant” and made him unfit to hold the diplomatic position.

The Nicaraguan representative added that his country believed Almagro was “abusing his post” by acting in an interventionist manner, which risked negatively affecting the stability of the Venezuelan government.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said her country had made a formal petition to the OAS to “evaluate” Almagro’s behavior. This request will be considered by the permanent council of the regional body.

Rodriguez emphasized that Almagro had overstepped the bounds of his role, that the secretary-general plays an administrative role at the service of member-states and not a protagonist role as Almagro has done.

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Almagro’s has attempt to suspend Venezuela from the organization

Almagro has received harsh rebukes from various Latin American and Caribbean governments for recent actions and statements including an undiplomatic letter addressed to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Almagro has attempted to invoke the so-called “Democratic Charter” to suspend Venezuela from the organization, but member states instead voted unanimously to back mediated talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition members.

“We leave very happy, we have defended the sovereignty and independence of our country,” said Rodriguez.

Almagro isolated

The 46th General Assembly of the OAS has served to isolate Almagro at the regional body, even from the United States and U.S-friendly governments in Latin America.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. opposed the application of the Democratic Charter against Venezuela and instead said he would send a high-level delegation to Venezuela to smooth relations.

Last month, Ecuador said it too was considering asking for Almagro to step down over his undiplomatic behavior. Almagro, however, largely brushed off the criticism.

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