Brazil Erupts in Furious Protests as Coup Approaches Final Act

Source:  TeleSUR
August 29 2016

brazil erupts in protest.jpg

IN PICTURES: Explosive protests are showing that social movements don’t plan to back down from confronting the forces behind the neoliberal coup.

Brazil’s largest metropolis, Sao Paolo, became the scene of pitched battles between security forces and the country’s social movements while similar scenes played out in cities across Brazil for a second day Tuesday, in response to an imminent Senate vote on whether to remove suspended President Dilma Rousseff from office.

Paulista Avenue lit up by unrest

Sao Paolo’s central Paulista Avenue was lit up by unrest on Monday night, as flash-bang grenades and less-lethal weaponry were deployed in a violent crackdown on protesters, who responded by setting their barricades on fire and hurling rocks at military police.

“This is a sign that, when the coup is accomplished tomorrow or later, there will be a tough process of repression of social movements, including endangering our right to protest,” Brazil Popular Front leader Raimundo Bonfim told Brasil de Fato. “What they are doing is violence.”

Public welfare and educational programs at stake

At stake are the public welfare programs and educational programs created and expanded in the 13 years that the Workers’ Party or PT, has governed the country. Compounding matters is that a vote to remove the twice-elected Rousseff from office hearkens back to Brazil’s dark history of oppressive military rule. In her testimony before the Senate Monday, Rousseff herself said her impeachment would represent the “death of democracy” in Brazil.

teleSUR takes a look at the marches, barricades, and skirmish lines forming throughout Brazil as the people resist the right-wing oligarchy’s plot to destroy democracy in South America’s most populous nation.  See more photos here

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