Green Party Support Soars After Bernie Endorses Clinton

RT:  Within 48 hours of Bernie Sanders announcing his endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, another candidate’s fund-raising jumped by nearly 1000%.  It’s none other than Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  She joins us now from Watertown, Massachusetts.

Nice to see you Jill, you tweeted after Bernie’s endorsement that many quote “many Berning hearts are breaking right now but you’ve been warning all along that this would happen.  Right?

Jill:  “It wasn’t rocket science if you’ve been watching the Democratic Party for the last couple of decades this is reliably what they do.  They have a kill switch for progressive campaigns; they allow them to be seen and heard for at least long enough to create the illusion that the Democratic Party is one the side of the people and then they sabotage those campaigns.

So Bernie Sanders was specifically taken down by the resistance of the Democratic Party the fix was in from the very beginning whether you look at super-delegates or super Tuesdays or voter roll like in Brooklyn or conventions like in Nevada that were manipulated or millions of votes that didn’t get counted in California.  The Democratic Party had it out for Bernie Sanders from the start.

So it’s kind of a fake left but go right strategy while the Democratic Party allows such campaigns to be seen for a while they then you know basically move to the right and become more corporatist and militarist and imperialist and what happened to Bernie previously happened in similar ways to Dennis Kucinich or to Jessie Jackson or even Howard Dean as a peace candidate.  The Democratic Party basically sabotaged those campaigns. …. ”

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