Rio 2016: Expect an Olympiad full of passion and joy – IOC President

Source:  Cuban News Agency
August 1, 2016 12:17


thomas bach iocThomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said the main organizational threats were solved and predicted an Olympiad full of passion and joy.

Just days before the opening ceremony of the 31st major sporting festival, the executive said the difficulties in the Olympic village were remedied and added the water of Guanabara Bay has the quality demanded by the World Health Organization.

Talking to reporters after a meeting of IOC Executive Board for two hours at Windsor Marapend hotel, the German also praised the recent opening of the subway line four, identified as a key element on transportation.

Everything is ready

Despite accepting that “as always, there are some last minute challenges,” Bach noted that “everything is ready” and was optimistic about the security program designed for the event to begin this Friday.

Brazil responded to the challenges and we are more confident than ever that we will have the Games to the Brazilian way, full of passion and joy, Bach stated.

He recalled the hard work involved to make the Olympic Games a great success and the ability to overcome challenges in response to the barrage of criticism reflected by the international media.

The bad news did not reflect the spirit of the Olympic Village

We had very bad news about the Olympic Village, so when I arrived to Rio I asked to go there directly, but when I got to the village, talking with athletes, I could feel the positive attitude and the Olympic spirit, Bach noted.

Bach will talk to reporters again next Thursday after the conclusion of IOC 129th Session, agreed to the City of the Arts, which will address, among other topics of great interest, the definition of the Japanese proposal of five sports to the 2020 Olympics.

As is known, these are karate-do, skateboarding, rock climbing, surfing, and the conjunction of men´s baseball-women´s softball.

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