Global Protests Haven’t Stopped US Police From Killing Black People

Source:  TeleSUR
July 12 2016

global protests haven't stopped police killing black men.jpg

A protest against police brutality in the U.S. | Photo: Wiki Commons

2 more Black men have been killed by police in the days shortly after the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Despite national and international outcry against last week’s police killings of two Black men in the United States, two more have been killed by police since.

Alva Braziel was shot by Houston police Saturday night in yet another fatal shooting caught on video, but the latest killing was of an unnamed man in California Monday night, news outlets reported.

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Shot by officers multiple times

The man in Sacramento, California was fatally shot by two police officers after witnesses called police to report that he was allegedly waving a knife over his head and showing “very threatening, erratic behaviour,” police spokesman Sgt. Bryce Heinlein told the New York Daily News.

An eyewitness told police the man had a gun in his waistband, which was later never found. He was eventually shot by officers multiple times when he turned towards them with the knife, Heinlein said.

Heinlein said there was no indication the man was targeting police officers, who were not wearing body cameras during the shooting and who apparently did not try to use less-lethal force before they opened fire.

Shot 10 times by the police

Just a few days earlier, Braziel was shot 10 times by the police near a gas station in what the police say was a justified shooting because the man had a firearm and was pointing it at them. The killing was caught on camera and shows the man with his arms up, surrendering to police officers.

The surveillance video, reportedly taken from the nearby gas station and circulated on social media, showed Braziel standing in the street as he raised his arms above his head, being shot within seconds of the police arriving.

And days before the murders of Sterling and Castile sparked the latest rounds of anti-police brutality demonstrations around the world, an off-duty cop killed 37-year-old Delrawn Small in Brooklyn.

The officer involved in Small’s death, Wayne Isaacs, has been stripped of his gun and shield, while a full investigation of Small’s death is being conducted to determine whether any illegal acts were committed, the New York Police Department said Monday.

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More than 300 protesters arrested

Isaacs was placed on modified duty after a damning video contradicted what Isaacs said happened before he shot Small during a road-rage incident on July 4.

The video shows Small getting shot within seconds of approaching Isaacs’ car, where Small followed the cop for several blocks before getting out of his car and confronting him.

As tens of thousands of demonstrators poured defiantly into streets across the United States this weekend to protest this ongoing violence, police have arrested more than 300 protesters.

blm protest july 2016

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