Evo Morales: Brexit is Sign of Capitalist Breakdown

Source:  TeleSUR
June 24 2016

evo describes brexit.jpg

President Evo Morales has described the Brexit as a “crisis of the capitalist system.” | Photo: Reuters

The president of Bolivia warned a Brexit could lead to increased dependence on the United States.

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, declared Friday that the United Kingdom’sdecision to leave the European Union is a sign the capitalist system and the European Union are in a state of crisis.

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“The decision of the British people is an expression of the crisis of the capitalist system and the crisis of the integration of the European Union,” he wrote on Twitter.

In the wake of a pending Brexit, Morales warned Europe “not to let the United States divide or dominate the continent” or succumb to the politics of war of NATO.”

noam chomsky 3More dependency on the US

The president’s warning echoes similar concerns from linguist and social critic Noam Chomsky.

Back in May, Chomsky told The Guardian, “the worse choice would be Brexit. My sense is that it would probably turn Britain—or maybe England, if Scotland pulls out—into even more of a dependency on the U.S.”

The outcome of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom on whether to stay in or leave the European resulted in a win for the “leave” campaign, prompting Prime Minister David Cameron to announce Friday morning plans to resign.

Complete results reported by The Guardian at 7:15 a.m. local time showed the Brexit decision won by more than 1 million votes with 51.89 percent versus 48.11 percent for the campaign to stay in the EU. A total of 119 local areas voted “remain,” while a majority of 263 areas voted “leave.”

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