Cuban doctors concerned at growing number of diabetic children

Source:  Cuban News Agency
June 23 2016

villa clara cuba.jpgEndocrinologists say that the report this year in central Villa Clara province of 14 new cases of children below five years of age suffering from Diabetes Type 1 is a concerning event.

Doctor Julieta Garcia, Second Degree endocrinologist explained that 32 cases were reported last year, all below 19 years of age, but this year report is thus far under five, with the last to show the disease are children between one and three years.

Contributing factors

According to the doctor, the factors favoring the increase of diabetic cases include inappropriate diet, consumption of food with high caloric values and genetic heritage. Some chemical substances foreign to the human body appearing in food preserves or in fast food can alter hormonal balance.

Doctor Garcia, who heads the Provincial Technical and Advisory Commission on Diabetes in Villa Clara, explained that Diabetes mellitus type 1, also known as juvenile diabetes is a metabolism-related disease.

Health authorities in the central territory expressed concern about the growth of diabetic children because three decades ago reports would tell of five to seven cases a year, and now the situation has changed.

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