Beloved Che

Source:  Granma
June 14 2016


The heroic guerilla was remembered today in Santa Clara

by Ángel Freddy Pérez Cabrera |

Photo: Archivo

SANTA CLARA.— As during those glorious days, when Che first arrived to the city of Santa Clara in December, 1958, this June 14, the people of the province of Villa Clara, representing the entire country, paid heartfelt tribute to the heroic guerilla on the 88th anniversary of his birth.

Led by students

The main tributes took place in the early hours of the morning at the Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial, led by elementary school students and youth from the province, according to lead specialist of the facility, Ismary Fernández.

Events began at 7:00 a.m. at the monument built in memory of the Bronze Titan, Cuban independence fighter, General Antonio Maceo, born June 14, as well, from where the traditional march honoring the two revolutionary leaders set off; ending at Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara square, noted Ismary.

Tributes to Che were led by students from Ernesto Guevara Elementary School at the momentum where his remains lie, with those of this compañeros in Bolivia.
Later 100 outstanding young people from the province were presented with their official Young Communist League I.D. cards, while a ceremony marking fourth grade students’ assumption of greater responsibility as fifth graders – an event involving parents and families – was also held, stated Joel Padrón, head of the UJC Provincial Committee Ideological Department.

Che por siempre

According to the representative, the exposition Che entre nosotros, ecos y huellas, in honor of the 55th anniversary of Comandante Guevara’s appearance before the Organization of American States in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, in 1961, and featuring photographs, images and documents of his stay in the city, was also inaugurated at the monument.
Activities ended with the award ceremony for the Che por siempre children’s painting and writing competition, which saw the participation of numerous schools from the province, while actions to celebrate the birthdays of children born June 14, and named Ernesto – an over 20 year-old tradition – were held at the Felix Varela Pedagogical Institute of Higher Education of the Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University.

One thought on “Beloved Che

  1. A Tribute to el Che by Michael Heslop

    Cuba breathes freely because the precious blood of fighters like Che flows in every vein of its revolution,

    Cuba’s dignity to never surrender to the desires of those who raped her in the past is scrolled in the tears and blood of fighters like Che,

    Cuba’s freedom was wrestled from the empire by the tenacity and sacrifices of fighters like Che,

    Cuba’s glory is guarded by the shining example of bravery of fighters like Che who fought the empire’s soldiers without pity,

    Cuba’s golden feats today are the fruits of the selfless gifts to humanity of fighters like Che,

    Che lives in every success of Cuba’s revolution and shares in its every effort to make it forever stronger,

    Che will never die because the fire he lit for freedom and justice is ablaze everywhere,

    The empire of darkness has no water to put Che’s fire out of the hearts and minds of those of us who value freedom and justice,

    Che’s fire despises slavery and the rule of the mighty empire over those who have not yet found their strength to fight the wolves,

    May Che’s eternal vision and love for freedom keep guiding Cuba and all those who fight for freedom from the global wolves!

    Hasta la Victoria siempre!

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