Muhammad Ali Thanks Elijah Mohammed for His Awakening

Muhammad Ali:  As-Salaam Alaikum.  Brothers and sisters I don’t want to take up too much time today because our leading teacher must get to the airport.  I would like to say that we just came off the schedule for a four-month tour but we heard that our leading teacher would be here speaking so we had to cut short our trip in Cairo and take the next jet back to New York. (Applause)

But a lot of people out here listen to our leader talk and they look at him and say well he is just another man with some programme for negroes.   But if you could travel around the world like I have, if you could go to Nigeria, Ghana, Cairo, Egypt and talk to rulers of the world and as soon as I talk to President Nasser for example, the first thing he said was how is the honourable Elijah Mohammed.  (Applause)

As soon as we met President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana we mentioned the Honourable Elijah Mohammed to him and he talked for 5 or 6 minutes on the subject.  And the whole world, everybody recognize the Honourable Elijah Mohammed.

No leader, I am not naming no organizations, I am not naming no leaders, but I have been all over into the deepest parts of Africa and Egypt and all back in various countries …and everybody knows …and are talking about the Muslims in America, everybody, (Applause)

If it was not for the teaching of the Honourable Elijah Mohammed, not bragging, but a man in my position that would be the last place that I would go … is Africa and Egypt.  The first stop would have been Paris, London, France like the rest of them. (Applause)

The Muslims that control the pyramids for sight-seers, they pulled a rock out of the pyramid and gave it to me to bring back for all the Muslims we have  .. it weighs 2500 pounds, the actual rock from a pyramid from Egypt, they say they have never done nothing like it before and if I wasn’t a Muslim I wouldn’t have gotten it. (Applause)

I felt so guilty and I felt so greedy receiving all of the gifts because I was a Muslim and if it wasn’t for the Honourable Elijah Mohammed, I never would have heard about this or even thought about going to these countries and this is a golden Muslim Mosque that was presented to me by the Islamic Council of all Egypt

Elijah Mohammed: There is another thing I want you to remember; how much people think of the God that they serve, they build golden mosques, they don’t care nothing about the gold, you over here … fussing, quarrelling over a little piece of gold, we build houses out of gold.  (Applause)

Muhammad Ali:  And I have one more thing to say that I haven’t explained to you yet …  and this mosque I am very honoured and I hope that he will receive it.  This is a gift for our leading teacher for waking all of us up because we were in a bad state on condition before we heard him.

muhammad ali reads message to the black man
Elijah Mohammed:
  I thank you and may the peace and the blessings of Almighty God be with you our plane time and I have to return to Chicago.  But I thank you and I will never forget you for this great honour that you have given me this afternoon to come out to see and hear what I have to say.  Hope that you will prepare me another meeting with you soon.  Thank you

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