by Michael Heslop

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Freedom isn’t free for those fighting for it,

Freedom is always written in the blood and tears of those who fight for it,

Freedom is paid for with the lives and pains of freedom’s fighters here, there and everywhere,

Freedom is never a gift for those who know the emptiness of its absence,

Freedom is torn from the power of those who hate it by those who don’t know it,

Freedom is not anything or everything,

No, Freedom’s the start of life for those who never know it,

Freedom is like fresh air for those with no air to live,

For those who cry for life in vain for want of a life worthy of living,

Freedom is manifest power for those below to defend their right to life,

Freedom creates the spaces for those who never knew it to put in place rights that eluded their lives for generations,

Freedom gives those below the chance to live in peace instead of fear from those who are self-described as civilized,

Freedom gives those who never knew the space to express the dignity and power they have always had and perhaps didn’t know,

Freedom is the friend of slaves, serfs and all those locked up in oppressive systems whether in mind, body or both,

Freedom in the end is a treasure for those who not only yearn for it but are willing to die for it!

che may day in Cuba.jpg

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