Brazil: Back in the Clutches of Washington

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Following the Senate coup against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and installation of right-wing vice president Michel Temer, the coup plotters’ agenda has become clear.

The Temer administration is now in the midst of an all-out attack on the country’s most progressive social and political achievements, with an all-white, all-male cabinet that is absolutely hostile to the social movements and minority groups of Brazil.

Rousseff’s 2014 re-election marked the fourth consecutive victory for the Workers Party, a fact that did not sit well with the country’s right-wing politicians, who immediately started to conspire against the president. That is why her supporters see the impeachment as an effort to retroactively win the election through non-democratic means.

If You Only Watch One Thing…


If You Only Read One Thing…

In Just One Day, Brazil’s Post-Coup President Sent the Country Back Decades

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Michel Temer has waged an all-out attack on the country’s most progressive social and political achievements. READ MORE

Imperial Designs in Latin America

Current US Ambassador to Brazil Served in Paraguay Prior to 2012 Coup

liliana ayalde us ambass to brazil.jpg

The possible role of the United States government in the ouster of the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff is being scrutinized after it emerged that present U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde previously served as ambassador to Paraguay in the lead up to the 2012 coup against President Fernando Lugo. READ MORE

2 thoughts on “Brazil: Back in the Clutches of Washington

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  2. To consider Michel Temer, arguably the most dishonorable interim president of Brazil to be a honest and civilized man would be a bold-face lie to put it mildly.

    Temer, the former VP under the constitutionally elected president of Dilma Rousseff has apparently joined with a gang of thieves in the Brazilian Congress to oust her through a coup under the disguise of “impeachment.” Ostensibly, the elected president is being “impeached ” for fudging the budget figures to finance some term deficits by using state sponsored banks to finance these deficits notwithstanding the fact that all the banks were fully paid back.

    The latter is a well known practice that has been done for years by presidents of the different political parties without impeachment except that they were not elected presidents on the Workers Party or WP ticket for the last four presidential cycles since 2003.

    On one level, Temer’s immorality and lack of credibility as a honest and civilized man is manifestly obvious for at least four reasons.

    First, he has accepted to act as interim president during the “impeachment hearings” or more appropriately the “coup hearings” against the president from a band of senators who are heavily implicated in the multi-million dollar Petrobras corruption scandal.

    Clearly, he had the option to resign as VP until the corruption charges of those who selected him were thoroughly investigated even though the constitution requires the VP to serve as interim president whenever a sitting president is being impeached.

    He chose not to resign as any honorable person would have done under similar circumstances because he is not honest and perhaps also because he wanted to become president to realize the neoliberal agenda of the oligarchy, the US empire, the gang of thieves in the Congress and Temer himself.

    Second, Temer himself and some of his top advisors are also heavily implicated in the corruption charges for accepting millions of dollars in bribes in the Petrobras corruption scandal. In fact, recently he had to pay a fine in violation of campaign finance limits.

    Third, Temer’s immorality like that of the other corrupted senators who selected him as interim president is also demonstrated by the fact that he like the senators who are currently sitting in impeachment hearings against president Dilma know full well that she isn’t even implicated in the corruption scandal that they are implicated in and others like Eduardo Cunha(the Congressional leader in the lower house who led the impeachment)even charged with corruption.

    Fourth, Temer is aligned with big agribusiness farmers like Beto Mansur who during his time in the Brazilian Congress introduced a bill designed to limit the definition of slavery so as to position his big soya bean plantation and other big farmers to benefit from the slave-like conditions of millions of Brazilians. These latifundistas who support Temer like the media that back them have three common characteristics.

    First, they hate Lula, Dilma and the WP like rats hate poison because though mildly reformist, their fear is that their policies encourage slaves in Brazil to be treated like human beings and may encourage workers and poor people to demand bigger slices of the national pie after tasting relatively slender pieces from the WP. Thus the big farmers and the media are staunch supporters of the coup leaders pushing for Dilma’s ouster from the presidency.

    Second, the big farms and the media are very solid institutions of the Brazilian oligarchy that are at the center of opposition to the slightest progressive changes in the status quo in the South American country. Consequently, they ferociously oppose even the relatively mild redistributionist policies of the WP under Lula and Dilma as well as Lula’s publication of a ” dirty list” of companies that profit from slavery in the country shortly after taking office in 2003.

    Thirdly, they either benefit directly or indirectly from slavery in Brazil which has made them fabulously wealthy and powerful in the country.

    As such, how could this morally deficient man be honest or civilized by any measure by having allies who treat Brazilians as slaves and profit from their slavery?

    Slavery is a big problem in Brazil from which Temer’s allies like Beto Mansur, benefit from immensely and about which another major ally of Temer in support of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, the media, another cornerstone of the Brazilian oligarchy have been silent and are likely to remain so in the future.

    Temer is not only deeply implicated in the multi-million Petrobras corruption scandal. He is also a darling of the neoliberal clique who is a well known devotee to the landowning class and the rest of the oligarchy that have ruled Brazil with an iron fist for a long time now.

    He is the interim president solely because he was selected last week to replace the elected president Rousseff at the start of the cooked up impeachment hearings that is really a disguised coup plotted by the oligarchy, the US empire and their political servants including Rousseff’s former VP Michel Temer himself.

    This is the same Temer who has selected an all white and all male right-wing cabinet which is made up of many neoliberal members of the oligarchy in a country that has a population that is more than 50 percent black.

    There are perhaps two relevant questions to pose about Temer’s government in this context. First, how representative is Michel Temer’s government of Brazil’s population compared to Dilma Rousseff’s government? Second, on the contrary, how representative is Temer’s government of Brazil’s oligarchy and its patriarchy?

    Further, Temer was also recently exposed by Wiki Leaks to be ran “informant”for the US empire who frequently briefed the officials of the empire’s embassy in Brazil about the political situation in the country and particularly the plan to politically decapitate Dilma Rousseff from the presidency.

    This man, Michel Temer had it not been for his selection as interim president, had no chance of becoming Brazil’s president, had he had to face the electorate. The evidence for this claim is that a recent poll indicated that only 2 percent of Brazilians polled said that they would have voted for him and a paltry 8 percent of the population want him as president. From these numbers it is conclusively clear that Temer is a very unpopular politician with virtually no electoral future to be president.

    To add insult to the injury that he and his dishonest friends in the Congress are already imposing on the elected president and democracy in the country, Temer is already exercising his arrogance and that of the oligarchy and the US empire by sending military troops to surround the president’s residence.

    Why did Temer send military troops to surround the residence of the elected president’s home?
    What level of political audacity does he possess to have taken this decision? What is the point of this corrupted coward in sending troops to surround the real president’s home? Is the elected president not only suspended but also under house arrest?

    The most plausible answer to these questions seems to be that his decision to send military troops around the president’s home is also that of the oligarchy and his corrupted friends intended to humiliate and demean the president in the eyes of public opinion perhaps as political punishment for the popular achievements of the last four cycles of presidential victories on the party of the Workers Party. However, in punishing Dilma Rousseff and the Workers’ Party, Michel Temer and the oligarchy are doing even more damage as they are also punishing democracy and the will of Brazilians (54 million of them) who voted for Dilma in 2014 reelection victory.

    However, above all else, the political significance of Temer goes way beyond his selection to be interim president and his willingness to trample on democracy in Brazil as terrible as these actions are.

    Temer’s real significance is that he is the golden gift that the oligarchy and the US empire had been waiting for in nearly 14 years to pursue the neoliberal economic policies that would open Brazil’s resources including its people to be more fully back in the geopolitical clutches of the US empire and the oligarchs.

    “Some people are so poor that all they have is money” Bob Marley

    Two key sources for this piece are:

    Greg Grandin’s article in The Nation Magazine “A Slavers’ Coup in Brazil?” ,April 27th 2016

    A Democracy Now interview on May 13th 2016 with Andrew Fishman, a reporter and researcher for The Intercept

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