Venezuelan President Slams US “Double” Incursion into National Airspace

 May 18th 2016

nicolas maduro may 17 2016c.jpgVenezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has hit out at “mounting aggressions” against his government after it was confirmed that a US plane had twice violated Venezuelan airspace.

The US Boeing 707 E-3 Sentry is reported to have illegally entered Venezuela’s national airspace on May 11th at 6.09 am, as well as on May 13th at 6.03 am.

Both incursions were detected by Venezuela’s Bolivarian airforce and have sparked rumours that the US might be conducting covert spying operations over Venezuela.

Electronic espionage

“This plane has all the mechanisms to carry out electronic espionage,” stated Maduro on his television programme Tuesday.

According to US Airforce information, the Boeing 707 E-3 Sentry provides an accurate, real-time picture of the battlespace to the Joint Air Operations Center, and possesses a powerful radar to “detect, identify and track enemy and friendly low-flying aircraft”.

Right-wing politicians demands for military intervention

The double incursion comes as rightwing politicians at home and abroad step up their demands for military intervention against Maduro’s government.

Last Thursday, a former Colombian president made headlines after publicly enquiring which “democratic country is willing to put its armed forces at the service of the protection of the Venezuelan opposition?”

Likewise, rightwing “Justice First” politician and former Venezuelan presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, yesterday encouraged Venezuelan troops to form a mutiny against the national government.

“Prepare the tanks and war planes,” said the politician

“The hour of truth is coming to decide whether you are with the constitution or with Maduro,” he added.

Victims of the worst media in the past ten years

A frenzy of international media reports over the last two weeks have painted an apocalyptic vision of the struggling South American country, citing a lack of access to basic food and medicine, skyrocketing inflation and devaluation of the national currency.

“I can say today that we are victims of the worst media, political and diplomatic aggression that our country has lived through in the past ten years,” stated Maduro.

The head of state has confirmed that his government will deliver an official complaint on the airspace incursions to US authorities.


One thought on “Venezuelan President Slams US “Double” Incursion into National Airspace

  1. There is no doubt that US imperialism is coordinating with its domestic allies in Venezuela, namely, the local oligarchy and its right wing counterrevolution to achieve three of their objectives the South American country.

    First, to intensify its destabilization of the gains of the revolution in order to try and discredit its popularity among the people. Second, to exploit the domestic difficulties of shortages of consumer basics like foods, medicines, toilet paper etc created largely by the oligarchy as well those that result from the contraction of the economy due to the reduction in oil prices and inflation among others. Third, it also appears as if the US empire and its political servants in Venezuela are seeking to take advantage of the challenging situation in the country to effect the ultimate goal of regime change.

    Thus, it is reasonable to ask, what then is the point of the recent “double incursions” of a US plane in the sovereign airspace of Venezuela? Is it an attempt to intimidate the Venezuelan people and or the armed forces of the revolution? Or were these aerial incursions intended not only to collect critical data about the country’s military preparedness to defend itself against foreign aggression but also intended to encourage division and the “mutiny” that the failed counterrevolutionary presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles has called for in a recent speech?

    Further, Capriles also called on the military to ” Prepare the tanks and warplanes” in mutiny against the elected government of president Maduro as in his words” the hour of truth” is near to decide whether members of the armed forces are ” with the constitution or Maduro.”

    Perhaps, the failed presidential candidate has forgotten that the Venezuelan people have already expressed their constitutional decision by electing Maduro as the president of the Republic. On the contrary, the failed presidential candidate is calling on the armed forces not to side with the constitution but to undo by force of arms the constitutional decision of the people by overthrowing Maduro’s government.

    There is no need to be alarmist in the light of these strident and aggressive developments of the political enemies of the Bolivarian revolution.

    However, it is perhaps reasonable to question whether it is merely a coincidence that one of the main political servant of the US empire and the local oligarchy is demanding that the armed forces engage in mutiny against the revolution and declare its loyalty for the “constitution” which is his coded way of saying the interests of the rich and powerful.

    Coincidentally, the latter is occurring at the same time that a US airplane invades the country’s airspace twice in a short space of time.

    Additionally, in this same context, a former Colombian president publicly questions which “democratic country” is willing to put its armed forces at the service of the “Venezuelan opposition.’ What is all this about? Is the Venezuelan opposition being put in peril by the revolution or is it creating a perilous situation for the revolution with US support?

    Clearly, as president Maduro correctly states, the Bolivarian revolution faces the worst propaganda, political and diplomatic offensive in the last 10 years.

    There is no doubt that the challenges of the revolution posed by the counterrevolution are likely to worsen before they improve because imperialism and its allies in Venezuela and the region are on the offensive to obliterate the challenges posed by people’s revolutions and movements across the region to defend their sovereign rights towards their resources and their right to live in peace, dignity and development.

    In other words, US imperialism and the oligarchy not only in Venezuela but in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina where they have Marci as well as elsewhere in Latin America are desperately trying to change the balance of forces back to their advantage of giving orders to governments in the region.

    For all these reasons as well as the fact that it is the Bolivarian revolution that has significantly slashed poverty and illiteracy, provided thousands of houses for the poor, provided access to education and health care even in the current difficult situation of imperial aggression, it is indispensable that as peace loving and progressive people that we express our unwavering solidarity with the fighting people of Bolivar, Chavez and Maduro.

    Our vigilance and creative actions against the counterrevolution in Venezuela and the region and in defense of peace, progress and revolution should never cease until victory is achieved!

    As the unforgettable Che Guevara used to say Hasta la victoria siempre!

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