Venezuela created more than 620,000 jobs over last three years

Venezuela created more than 620,000 jobs over last three years

ricardo menendez venezuelaCaracas, 17 May. AVN.- In the last three years, Venezuela has created 620,392 new jobs, despite the economic war waged by political and business sectors of the right against the Venezuelan people, Vice President of Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menendez said.

The number was unveiled Monday during a press conference to provide an update of the positive impact of the actions taken by the executive to protect the employment and income of the entire population.

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Govt. has invested 73 billion dollars in Housing Mission

housing missionCaracas, 09 May. AVN.- The Venezuelan state has invested in five years 73 billion dollars (461 billion bolivars) in building 1,022,829 homes across the country, Housing Minister Manuel Quevedo said in statements to private media.

This is an investment more than four times greater than the international reserves of Venezuela and represents an unprecedented national effort to build affordable housing units, regardless of fluctuating speculative market driven by the private sector.

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Economic Emergency Decree shields social rights of Venezuelans

Caracas, 17 May. AVN.- The economic emergency decree, which entered into force on Monday and will remain for a period of 60 days, aims to guarantee social rights for the Venezuelan people facing a difficult economic situation currently plaguing the country, as a result of an unconventional war orchestrated by right-wing sectors and the national bourgeoisie, as well as lower oil prices.

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