Dilma Rousseff Calls for Mobilizations to Overturn Coup

Source:  TeleSUR
May 12 2016

TeleSUR’s correspondent said the Brazilian president dissolved her government after the Senate voted to put her on trial.

dilma reflecting

Ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Thursday called on Brazilians to defend their country’s democracy and mobilize against the coup that saw her suspended from office.

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“I call for the people to remain mobilized, together, in peace … It is a fight we are going to win, it depends on all of us, let’s show the world the millions of people who defend democracy in our country,” said Rousseff in her first comments from the presidential palace since the country’s Senate voted to proceed with impeachment proceedings.

Rousseff, who as a young activist was arrested and tortured for her efforts to organize against the military dictatorship that previously ruled Brazil, said she “never thought I would have to fight against another coup in our country.”

The ousted president walked out of the presidential palace to a crowd of thousands of anti-coup and pro-democracy demonstrators.

“I am ready to resist through all legal means,” Rousseff told the crowd who answered with chants pledging to resist as well.

“Over the course of my life, like all women, I confronted many challenges, now what hurts most is this situation that I’m living now, the pain of injustice,” said Rousseff.

She thanked all those who had been marching to denounce the coup in the lead up to the Senate’s vote on Wednesday.

“I am certain that together we are going to remain united, mobilized, and in peace,” concluded Rousseff.

Rousseff Dissolves Government

The ousted president dissolved her government after the Senate voted to proceed with an impeachment trial, requiring her to relinquish power for a period of 180 days, teleSUR’s correspondent in Brazil Andre Vieira reported.

Rousseff condemned the actions of the Congress, which she called a “coup” against her government, she also said she would “fight with every legal instrument at my disposal to ensure I complete my mandate on Dec. 31, 2018.”

Her vice president, Michel Temer, became the interim president once he received notification from the Senate that the impeachment trial would proceed.

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Social movement leaders have pledged to remain in a state of permanent mobilization, according to Guilherme Boulos, national coordinator of the Homeless Workers Movement.

Widespread protests are expected on Thursday calling for the arrest of Eduardo Cunha, the former speaker of the lower house of Congress who spearheaded the impeachment process against the president, and for the ouster of government of Michel Temer, which assumed power after Rousseff’s ouster.

“There are two main ideas: first, to denounce the institutional coup … and demand the departure of Temer: he was elected to be vice president, not president. Second, ask for the arrest of Eduardo Cunha, whose corruption is proven,” said Laryssa Sampaio from the Popular Youth Uprising, which is organizing protests.



One thought on “Dilma Rousseff Calls for Mobilizations to Overturn Coup

  1. So far the oligarchy, their political representatives in the Brazilian Congress and their friends on Wall Street and in Washington DC have scored a political victory in dismissing Dilma Rousseff, the democratically elected president of Brazil from office while they proceed with their treacherous political coup under the cloak of impeachment.

    Hopefully, this victory will be a temporary one against Dilma Rousseff and more importantly against democracy in Brazil and its people.

    However, to make the victory of the oligarchy and the other anti-democratic forces temporary against the Brazilian people, democracy and the president they reelected over two years ago, the masses of Brazilians and their movements “will have to remain mobilized” as president Rousseff correctly said.

    However, they will have to do more than being mobilized. They will have to become more organized to not only remain mobilized but also to be capable of withstanding what may turn out to be a more protracted political struggle against an organized, experienced and skilled oligarchy.

    First, it seems clear that the progressive and democratic political and mass movements in Brazil are aware of the enormity of their political task, namely, to mobilize against the coup leaders and the oligarchy within Brazil and those on Wall Street and in Washington DC.

    The latter means that hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, young and old, black and white, pro-Dilma and even anti-Dilma forces, urban and rural folks, manual and professional workers, believers and non-believers must take over the streets and make Brazil ungovernable for the coup leaders who are subverting democracy in Brazil.

    The people of Brazil have no choice at this point but to make Brazil so ungovernable for the corrupted coup leaders so that they are made to pay darely for their decision “to impeach” not solely president Rousseff but Brazilian democracy itself.

    Brazilians will have no choice but to lock down the country and make it impossible for the coup leaders to achieve their goal of removing from power the constitutionally elected president of the country.

    Secondly, the mobilized masses of Brazilians should probably wage a relentless campaign against all those who are implicated in the corruption scandal particularly those who are coup leaders. They should forthrightly demand investigations against the shamelessly corrupted coup leaders as well as charges and arrest against them using the most creative political campaigns to not only expose them but also to ensure that they are held to account for their corruption.

    How can it ever be permitted that corrupted politicians who have received tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes be permitted to impeach a democratically elected president who has not even been implicated in the Petrobras corruption scandal?

    Thirdly, and in this context, all Brazilians including those who may not like the politics and policies of Dilma but who believe in democracy should reject the propaganda talking points of the oligarchy’s media that Dilma fugged the budget numbers among others and rally against the coup since in the end the issue is not Dilma but democracy itself. It is understandable that if one is mad at Dilma or dislikes her politics that such individuals will be more easily swayed by the talking points of the oligarchy’s media to support the coup against the elected president.

    Further, the media of the oligarchy very well know that such Brazilians will perhaps support the coup against their own interests without recognizing that the coup is actually against democracy itself and therefore against their vote for the government of their choice.

    Indeed, that’s the very purpose of the talking points of the media of the oligarchy to mobilize the personal grudges as well as the genuine grouses and hardships brought on the middle classes and the poorest Brazilians by the crisis of capitalism against Dilma to achieve “their objective” to remove her from office subvert the political will of Brazilians to the government of their choice, trample on democracy and ultimately shut down the investigation into the multi-million dollar Petrobras corruption scandal. The latter has made some very rich and powerful people in Brazil even richer including several of those in the Congress who have voted to impeach Dilma and Brazilian democracy.

    Finally, the masses of the region, their governments and indeed the peoples and governments of the globe have no choice but to vigorously condemn the ongoing coup leaders and stipulate in no uncertain ways their unequivocal demands for the restoration of president Rousseff to office without delay. If the Brazilian oligarchy and their political representatives who masquerade as representatives of the people are allowed to get away with their political crime, it is as sure that as night follows day, that other oligarchies will feel confident to try similar coups against other democracies and governments that they dislike.

    Perhaps the government’s and leaders of the region and world should seriously consider to boycott the Olympics Games to be held in Brazil in very short order so as to increase the pressure against the coup plotters until the democratically elected president and democratic practices are fully restored in Brazil.

    The latter should be used as a diplomatic tactic to squeeze really hard and to expose the anti-democratic coup plotters who have chosen to misuse a perfectly legitimate channel to perpetuate a political crime against the will of Brazilians to chose their government democratically.

    “Some people are so poor that all they have is money” Bob Marley

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